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How to Create a Business Event with a Low Budget

Last updated on September 5th, 2022 at 06:36 am

Creating an event in today’s society, especially trade events, can be challenging. The demand of present-day events is different from what was obtainable in the past. The level of creativity people employ these days is jaw-dropping. But, unfortunately, the term “creativity” has become a synonym of ‘money’.

It’s a great thing that people now employ a better level of creativity to organize and plan trade events, but the problem is, money now defines creativity and how well these events are carried out. So, what happens when businesses want to appear at trade events but don’t have what it takes to keep up with the trend financially?

Well, that shouldn’t a problem. There are ways that you can organize an event with a low budget. Let’s look into some of the methods you can use.

  • Know Your Attendees and Plan Accordingly

Trade events are a great way to solidify your relationship with old customers and, of course, entice new customers. Therefore, analyzing and taking a proper look of your customers is non-negotiable.

Find out the best location for your target audience and get a venue around that area. Which day of the week would your prospective customers be available? Find out and fix the event on one of those days. And what about the time of the day? That’s also important. Find the time of the day when your customers can attend and fix the event accordingly. To keep everything even more streamlined you should definitely use an event management platform like EventMobi

  • Negotiate with Vendors and Venues

When planning an event on a budget, you have to look into all the ways to reduce cost yet get value for the little you spend. That’s why it’s best to put on your negotiation cap. Though your target audience’s location will determine your event’s venue, you don’t have to spend all your budget on it. Gather information about two or more venues and choose the best yet fitting one for your budget.

Also, get quotes from different vendors so that you’ll have options. Get the best event stands using stands finder everywhere. Shop around for the things you need—don’t get it all from one vendor and be ready to negotiate for a low price. 

  • Consider Hiring a Professional

Yes, it’s best to hire a professional event planner compared to doing it yourself or with your team. Though hiring a professional will cost you money, at the end of it, you’ll find that the move could save you money. A professional knows more than you, and they can work within a budget more than you can. It’s what they are trained to do.

Besides, a professional event planner would know vendors that can provide the needed goods and services. They know those that can supply the goods at the best price and would have established a connection with the vendors over time. Hiring such a professional event planner is like paying to leverage their experience and connection.

  • Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is the best medium for advertisement and event promotion. There’s hardly anyone who isn’t on at least one social media platform; that’s why you have to leverage on such platforms. Advert and promotions on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., can yield a lot of return if you know how to make them work for you.

You may need to hire a professional for this task as well. Some professional social media marketers know how to target your audience and design catchy adverts for events. Find one of those people and you’re good to go.

Use Affordable, Visually Appealing Decorations

Designing the space can add some legitimacy and worth to the entire event, especially with large balloons, temporary signs, some fun lighting, and even carefree costumes that add a sense of place and occasion to the entire affair. 

This can certainly help your event stand out, and it will put a smile on the faces of your attendees. There’s almost nothing better than knowing you’ve added some levity to what may otherwise be a relatively self-serious affair.

  • Seek Sponsorships

You can raise your budget if you can strike a mouthwatering deal with sponsors. Maybe the reason you even have to work on a low budget is that you haven’t worked on this option yet. Find local businesses that will be willing to partner with you in this event. They will offer you money in exchange for a special recognition in your business event. 

It’s going to be a mutual benefit. Some businesses will offer their product. For example, a restaurant may offer to provide food at your event at a low price in exchange for allowing them to display their restaurant name and expertise to your event attendees, etc.

Final Thoughts

Working with a low budget for an event doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to go about it. Follow the steps above and watch how great your event turns out to be, regardless of your initial budget.


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