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5 Reasons Why Fleet Owners Should Invest in Dash Cameras


Dash cams or dashboard cameras are tiny devices that can provide fleet managers with a watchful eye even when their vehicles are miles away. Moreover, dash cams also offer drivers a helping hand when it comes to being safe behind the wheel of a truck (which is not always that easy to maneuver). 

Nowadays, dash cams are easily available to both commercial organizations (like logistics and trucking companies) and individual users (like regular drivers). In addition, there are various types of devices that can be used to increase visibility (exterior cameras) and the overall safety of the vehicle and its contents (dual-facing cameras or a multi-camera system). Therefore, anyone can choose the models that best fit their needs. 

Still, some companies and drivers are not convinced this is a worthy investment. Moreover, some drivers feel uncomfortable with the idea of having their every movement recorded, which is a valid concern. Still, the use of dash cams in commercial vehicles is legally accepted in most US states and there are plenty of benefits that outweigh the discomfort they may cause.     

Therefore, today we will focus on the top five benefits of fitting your fleet vehicles with dash cameras and never look back!

Insurance Benefits

Whether you like it or not, traffic accidents do happen. This is why all fleet owners have solid insurance policies. Still, not all accidents are clear-cut (in fact, most of them aren’t), which is why it usually takes time to establish the blame and decide who pays for damages. 

However, a truck dash cam can speed things up and can serve as a witness in the investigation. In fact, there are few insurance companies that won’t ask fleet owners to equip their vehicles with dash cams that can see and record various angles of the vehicle. 

Monitor your Drivers’ Behavior

Not all drivers follow the rules and stay on the established route. Now, while GPS tracking is also an option, the footing recorded by a dash cam will give you a clear idea of what happens on the road and how your employees react. 

Therefore, even if some drivers may feel uncomfortable, it is a good idea to get dual-facing dash cams that record both the road and what happens inside the cabin. 

Fraud & Theft Prevention

Insurance fraud and theft are (sadly) a part of daily life on the road. Still, you can get out of a tough situation if your vehicles are geared with dash cams and GPS tracking. In addition, ill-intended actors tend to avoid vehicles where they can spot a dash cam or other forms of surveillance. 

This is even more important for long-haul trucks that need to make several stops before reaching their destination. Isolated parking lots and even gas stations are the best spots to hit an unguarded truck, so it’s best to take all your safety measures. 

Safer Roads

Studies have shown that drivers who feel watched will be more attentive and think twice before making a wrong move in traffic. This is valid for both regular drivers and professional ones, which is why vehicles with dash cams can help improve traffic safety. 

Driving Evaluation Purposes

A successful logistics business is built with a good administrative team and reliable drivers. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep a watchful eye on your drivers and perform regular driving evaluation sessions to identify reckless drivers or the ones who continue repeating their mistakes. 

This is where the footage from dash cams provides valuable data as they play the role of an impartial observer.  

Wrap Up

Given the benefits listed above and the fact that high-end dash cams are not that expensive, it is clear that this is a worthy investment for any trucking or logistics company.  it


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