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B2B News for Wednesday, March 24, 2021: Market Bubbles and Crashes, Electronic Vehicles in Logistics, Awards for Sustaining the Fresh Food Supply Chain

A new model for predicting stock market bubbles and crashes is emerging. A team of researchers from a dozen international institutions focused on mathematics, physics, economics, and complex systems have developed a system using geometry to characterize stock market instability.

The paper, Network Geometry and Market Instability, outlines functional structures of the higher-order architecture of financial systems and provides analysts with a model to identify systemic risks like market bubbles or crashes. The researchers analyzed and contrasted the USA S&P500 and the Japanese Nikkei-225 indices captured between 1985 and 2016. There work showed that several discrete Ricci curvatures are indicators of market instabilities.

According to Jürgen Jost, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, the study summarizes the various difficulties in analyzing market fragility: “there are no easy definitions of a market crash or bubble and merely monitoring established market indices or log-returns does not suffice, but our methodology offers a powerful tool for continuously scanning market risk and thus the health of the financial system.”

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/articles/its-curvature-foreshadows-the-next-financial-bubble

The role of electronic vehicles in fleets has become more prominent and, with that development, the tracking, timing and predictive maintenance enabled by IoT has become more necessary. In continuing the trend, Electric Last Mile, Inc., a commercial electric vehicle company focused on last-mile delivery solutions, and Geotab Inc. a company focused on IoT and connected transportation, announced their partnership to deliver a factory-installed connectivity solution to equip fleet customers with the IoT data they need to maintain their vehicles.

Electric Last Mile plans to integrate Geotab’s GO9+ telematics solution into its Urban Delivery vehicle, anticipated to be the first Class 1 commercial electric vehicle available in the U.S. market.

Press release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210324005189/en/Electric-Last-Mile-and-Geotab-Inc.-Announce-Partnership

The winners of the 2021 Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award have been announced. The award recognizes influential individuals in the industry whose achievements have shaped the global cold food supply chain.

“These professionals are making waves in an industry upended by the global pandemic. Whether it’s pivoting into a different channel or implementing emerging technologies, these supply chain leaders prove that hard work pays off,” says Editor-in-Chief Marina Mayer, of Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “These winners collaborated, optimized, developed, educated and played a critical role in the survival and success of their company amid a global pandemic. I am honored to recognize these individuals and continue to extend my utmost gratitude to everyone in the cold food supply chain industry for their time, efforts and innovations to keep food moving through the chain in a safe and efficient manner.”

Joe Smirlies, the co-pioneer of Invatron’s solutions of fresh food technology, is this year’s top winner. Smirlies has over 30 years of experience in the grocery technology sector.

“I am incredibly honored to receive this award,” says Smirlies. “As the global pandemic continues, I am driven more than ever to provide fresh food retailers with the benefits of fresh item management technology to overcome today’s unique supply chain challenges, improve food safety and reduce food waste.”

Press release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/canadacom/20210324005211/en/Invatron%E2%80%99s-Joe-Smirlies-Winner-of-Food-Logistics%E2%80%99-2021-Rock-Star-of-the-Supply-Chain-Award


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