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B2B News for Friday, March 19 2021: Shop-Lifting Prevention, Call Centre Tech, and Mobile Industrial Filters

The latest B2B offerings include more products to act as deterrents to shop-lifting. VIRA Insights launched customizable variations of its retail solutions that were originally designed for cosmetics counters. Now the anti-sweep peg hooks, an adjustable metal lockbox with polycarbonate door, and high-end glass or plastic separators can be applied to any kind of merchandise.

“The pandemic has accelerated changes to the retail environment, including the need for reliable on-shelf security,” says VIRA Insight CEO Jeff Jones. “We provide tested and tactful theft-deterrent solutions, and retail buyers have told us that implementing VIRA’s solutions in their stores can pay for itself within a month in terms of merchandise saved.”

The announcement comes after a number of reports expressing concern that anti-theft devices were being disproportionally used on cosmetics for black skin.

According to estimates provided by the Texas-based company, retailers lost about $61 billion US due to shop-lifting in 2020. In contrast, wage theft costs the American economy about $60 billion dollars annually.

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When it comes to call centres, telling duct cleaning callers that you don’t have any ducks but you’d like a deal on getting the geese or chickens bathed never gets old. Either does telling CRA scammers you’ve got them surrounded by Interpol agents. Unfortunately, it is getting easier for call centres to tell that you don’t really have geese or international law enforcement at the ready.

Pindrop just announced the acquisition of Next Caller Inc., a company their new parent describes as “the industry’s smartest enterprise-grade call verification and fraud detection technology for contact centres.”

“Next Caller is a true pioneer in the device verification space. The growth Next Caller has experienced has been truly impressive to witness. Operating independently as close partners, we’re thrilled to be able to now work together to provide even better solutions to our respective customers and prospects while keeping a close eye on the many growth opportunities ahead of us,” says Pindrop CEO Vijay Balasubramaniyan.”

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There’s also news from B2B services we want to see more of!  Blackstone will acquire DESOTEC, a European environmental service company currently owned by EQT. The company owns and operates mobile filtration solutions that clean water, air, and soil. The fleet of about 2,700 mobile filters is the largest of its kind in Europe and serves industrial applications, including air emission, biogas, remediation, wastewater, and chemicals. The mobile filters enable customers to comply with environmental regulations and sustainability requirements, through its “Filtration-as-a-Service” solution.

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