Electric Cars Are Fun Too: Here Are Our Top Picks

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In places like the UK and other parts of Europe, there is mounting pressure on motorists to switch from gas-powered vehicles to electric automobiles. There is actually a chance that diesel and petrol-powered vehicles may not be produced anymore in most parts of the globe by the year 2030. Among the many benefits they offer, electric cars are friendlier to the environment and also help save on fuel costs. Moreover, e vehicles are thought to last longer, plus their maintenance costs are often lower.

The electric vehicle market has grown and evolved greatly since the first few models were created some years back. Millions of cars are being sold each year as these cars of the future gradually take over and gain consumer preference. All in all, these rigs are incredibly fun and suitable for running daily errands as well as traveling.

From plug-in hybrids to pure EV, some of the latest models come with highly advanced features that intrigue consumers, especially lovers of speed cars and luxury cars. Here are some of our top picks of electric cars that are really fun and stylish.  

1. BMW i4 

BMW is among the most popular car brands around the world. They are known for affordable options and a huge range of high-end exotics that consumers can choose from depending on their needs and budget. If you check out this BMW dealer, you will discover a range of rides you can choose from to suit your needs. This includes pre-owned and certified pre-owned BMW cars.

In the EV world, the BMW i4, whose release is expected in late 2021, is a car to keep a keen eye on. Powered by a 335-horsepower electric motor alongside an 81.5-kWh battery pack, this rear-wheel drive is a beast. The vehicle can easily reach speeds of 60 mph in under six seconds and boasts a range of 300 miles.

There will also be another version (M50), an all-wheel-drive vehicle that will have two electric motors instead of one. The BMW iX is another highly-anticipated EV from the manufacturer, which is expected to be available in the market by early 2022, perhaps earlier in Europe.

2. Chevrolet Bolt 

Chevrolet has been in the spotlight for many years when it comes to fast cars, exotics, and luxury vehicles. When it comes to EVs, the 2021 Chevy Bolt also claims a top spot. It boasts a quality interior, great driving dynamics, and gives the best of both worlds when it comes to price and size. This stylish hatchback body EV promises a range of 256 miles, with a decent 200HP electric motor. Apart from its attractive price tag, the Bolt is super fun especially for running errands or travels within the city.

3. Tesla Model 3 

The name Tesla will come into the minds of many people whenever they think of future gen cars. Recently mentioned in a BBC article of why electric vehicles will take over sooner, the Tesla Model 3 is among the most popular choices for consumers when shopping for electric cars. The model 3 not only boasts a stylish and cool exterior look, but it also offers great driving dynamics and an awesome range that active drivers would kill for.

The slight downside is that this EV will cost you a fortune, so you better be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets if you must own this sporty ride. For the cheaper version, you can expect to drive approximately 263 miles before a recharge, but the high-end versions will give you a decent 353 miles between charges.

4. Hyundai Ioniq5 

Also known as HI5, Hyundai Ioniq5 is another impressive EV that catches the eyes of many. Boasting next-gen electric vehicle technology, this ride will easily give options like the Audi Q4, Tesla Model Y, and Volkswagen ID4 a run for their money. Moreover, it provides both a single-battery and a two battery option, promising a range of 238 miles.

There is also a mid-spec version and a top-spec version, with the latter having an additional motor. These provide a range of 280 miles and 267 miles respectively, but the double motor version provides better performance overall.

5. Porsche Taycan 4S

Finally, we can’t end this piece without mentioning a Porsche. The Taycan 4S is also another high-end EV that most people put in the list of cars reserved for the rich and famous personalities. It is super expensive! The 4S currently promises a good 400 horsepower and a 227 miles range. It might not offer the best range for long-distance trips, but its quality building and superior driving dynamics keep it in a league of its own.

EVs are inarguably the future of the automobile industry. Vehicle manufacturers are adding more offerings to their collection, with each addition more advanced than the former. If you’re looking for a cool and fun EV, the above cars are worth taking a glance at.

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