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Why Small Businesses Should Consider Bare Metal Cloud Services

Cloud services are essential for any modern business with significant online activity and storage needs. With the introduction of bare metal cloud services, every small business owner should reconsider using traditional cloud services. Traditional cloud services involve storing information on virtual servers that users share. Bare metal cloud services include storing data on physical servers with users having exclusive access.

If your cloud service is weak, it could lead to many issues with your website, including lack of responsiveness, inadequate security, and slow loading times, among other issues. The following are reasons why small businesses should consider bare metal cloud services:


The fact of the matter is that bare metal cloud servers are the fastest ones available today. They perform much better than any other alternatives, which is an excellent reason for small businesses to consider them.

As a small business owner, you need a fast website if you are to keep up with larger competitors. A bare cloud metal server will offer quick and excellent performance, running virtual machines, hosting applications, or evaluating data sets.

Bare metal cloud servers are the best bang for your buck option as they give the best performance for what they cost. If extreme force and speed is your goal, bare metal servers are your ideal choice.


As a small business owner, growth is a priority of your business. Therefore, you want a cloud server that is also scalable to handle the increasing needs of a growing business. A bare-metal cloud server like Maxihost will do just that. It will allow you two types of scaling: level scaling or scaling out and scaling up or upward scaling.

Level scaling is necessary when you need extra servers to take the load or weight off a server. The alternative would be to send your data to another server that can handle the load. Vertical scaling involves moving your data to a server with more assets. It would consist of choosing a server with more memory and a quicker processor.


Traditional cloud servers often fit into one mould, which will limit your choices. You can buy bare metal servers in different designs and capabilities. You can even fashion one of your own and customize it to suit your specific needs. The flexibility of a server is an excellent attribute for a small business as it allows you to tailor the server to your business with no wasted resources.

Even the most basic bare metal server will support a significantly mainstream website or e-commerce store. The best bare metal servers have up to 12 processors and more than 100GB of storage space, meaning they can handle any website’s needs. If you want to scale your business, you can add more servers to your network, as we have seen above.

Easy Management

Managing a server is a particularly difficult cloud service, especially for a small business. You would have to pay a significant amount for the service or pay someone a lot of money to do so.

You will definitely have to outsource server management if you run a business full-time, even for a small server. Bare metal cloud servers offer you easier management than traditional cloud servers. It is especially so as it pertains to cloud backup services. Managed bare metal servers call for serious data on working infrastructures, security angles, and services. The company that sells you the servers could also offer server board services for a fee. 

There are many benefits that small businesses can derive from using bare metal cloud servers. The benefits outlined above only scratch the surface. You may have preferences, but the above benefits will apply to any small business.  


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