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4 Different Types Of Road Accidents And How To Defend Your Rights In Each Case

There are many different types of car accidents that may occur on the road. As a driver, it is important to know what each type of accident means for you and what your rights are when faced with these types of accidents. We will explore 4 different types of car accidents and describe how you can defend yourself in each case, a rear-end collision, a head-on collision, a rollover accident, and a side collision. 

4 Different Types Of Road Accidents And How To Defend Your Rights In Each Case

What Is A Rear-End Collision?

A rear-end collision occurs when one vehicle stops or slows down suddenly causing an impact between their own vehicle and another moving vehicle in front of them. The sudden stop causes the other vehicle to be propelled into the back or trunk area of the first vehicle, causing damage. The most common defense in a rear-end collision accident is that the accident was someone else’s fault, and you were simply a victim of their negligence. 

The courts often find them at fault for failing to stop in time, but if they cannot find who caused the accident or feel it is not clear enough, you can also claim they were negligent by driving too slow or changing lanes without looking. This group of San Bernardino car accident attorneys explained it nicely, as long as you are able to prove that the other driver was responsible for the accident and did not attempt any evasive maneuvers before impact (swerved out of your way) then you should be awarded damages. In those situations, such cases are usually a slam dunk for any experienced attorney.

What Is A Head-On Collision? 

A head-on collision occurs when two vehicles heading toward each other on the same two-way road collide at high speed. Usually, these collisions are caused by one driver failing to stop or turn in time. These accidents are often fatal crashes with severe injuries because of the extreme impact force involved. 

When an accident occurs, both drivers are usually assumed responsible for causing it unless proven otherwise. The amount of liability is determined by how fast they were going and what kind of evasive actions they attempted before impact (your defence here would be that your car was not able to swerve out of the way due to its size, weight, or condition). A common type of head-on collision can occur on a freeway when one driver attempts to change lanes without first checking their blind spot and ends up hitting another vehicle.

What Is A Rollover Accident? 

A rollover accident occurs when the top of a vehicle rolls over and lands on its side after failing to stop or turn in time. This type of collision is most commonly found on freeways, highways, and narrow two-lane roads where it is more likely for one car to end up rolling over onto its sides due to the higher speeds involved. Oftentimes these accidents are fatal collisions because they cause strong forces that can crush occupants within their vehicles into dangerous metal folds and sharp corners of a collapsed area of their cabin. An example would be a truck carrying a load along a highway with no shoulder which loses control and swerves off the road, causing it to barrel roll several times before coming to a stop. 

In these collisions, both vehicles are usually considered as equal parties at fault for causing the accident. In order to win damages from another driver in a rollover case, you must be able to prove that they were negligent and failed to perform proper evasive maneuvers before impact (swerving out of your way). When it comes to determining who is more at fault and how much liability can fall on either party, it typically depends on where the majority of the blame lies and factors such as speeding and road conditions come into play. 

What is a Side Collision? 

A side collision occurs when two vehicles meet perpendicularly and turn into each other at high speeds. These accidents can be fatal because of the high force involved, especially if one vehicle ends up pinned against a wall or another obstacle on the side of the road. 

Most commonly this type of accident occurs on two-way roads where two vehicles run into each other after failing to stop in time, such as when changing lanes without first checking their blind spot or suddenly swerving off their lane for an unexpected reason (e.g., someone runs out suddenly in front of them). This sometimes happens with trucks and large vehicles that cannot easily maneuver sideways and require more time than smaller vehicles to come to a complete stop. 

In these situations, both vehicles can be considered as equal parties and their liability will be determined by how fast they were going and whether or not either party attempted evasive maneuvers before impact (your defense here would be that your car was not able to swerve out of the way due to its size, weight, or condition). 

If you are a driver, it is important to know the different types of accidents that can happen on the road. We have provided 4 examples in this article and how you may defend yourself against each type of accident if found responsible. The most common way to determine who caused an accident after one has occurred is by determining which party was speeding or negligent before impact (i.e., swerving out of your way). If all parties involved were going at normal speeds then there will be no clear answer as to who caused the collision unless both drivers admitted fault or witnesses saw what happened. It’s always best practice to drive defensively so that no matter what happens, you’re able to come out unscathed without being deemed responsible for causing any harm!


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