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5 B2B Marketing Trends In 2021

Although your knowledge of the latest B2B marketing trend won’t help completely revolutionize your company, it certainly enables you to keep abreast of your competitors. This is vital because you risk going out of business if you stop evolving, giving your competitors a slight edge over your company.  Doing this is crucial in today’s global market characterized by the increased popularity of e-commerce and the economy’s heightened rate of digital transformation. 

The disruption of the B2B marketing space was further shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, inevitably necessitating marketers to think of new and creative B2B marketing techniques. Here’s an article on B2B marketing trends you should learn, these new trends will offer you valuable insights which can help you make strategic decisions. 

  1. The Rise Of Omni-Channel Marketing 

Are you struggling to identify the best platform to direct your B2B marketing efforts? If so, you need to shift your mindset, and instead of focusing on one channel, consider using different ones. Doing this is crucial because potential clients today don’t rely on one platform, they seek through diverse mediums such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and websites, to name a few when researching for a particular brand. They go through all these different platforms, consult with other customers, and review websites to better understand the brand’s quality and service.

When you focus your marketing efforts on one method, such as Facebook, you miss out on the chance to convince your potential customers through other platforms. It’s a fact that customers usually based their decision on what they see, having your brand exposed in different channels gives it the advantage ahead of other competitors. Because of this, you can ask the help of digital marketing companies like Argano, to guide you in adopting the omnichannel marketing strategy, by accordingly distributing your marketing budget to the different channels, to further innovate your marketing efforts. 

Adopting the omnichannel marketing strategy helps you understand your potential buyer’s personas. The process enhances connectivity with your potential customers in all possible channels that your target market is engaging to. The goal of this strategy is to achieve seamless connection and outstanding customer experience across any platform.

  1. Account-Based Marketing 

For most B2B companies, 2020 was a year when their sales took a great plunge. This was expected as almost every business in the economy was affected and necessarily had to cut down on their operational expenses. As a consequence, it became a lot harder for B2B companies to realize their sales target by targeting new potential clients. 

To counter the reduced effectiveness of landing new clients, B2B marketers switched their approach and focused their sales and marketing efforts on their existing clients. This way, they could achieve individualization in marketing and improved personalization. Doing this helps generate more conversions in the long run. 

For the account-based marketing strategy to succeed, the marketing and sales team needs to work closely together. By collaborating with these teams, it would be easier to identify the right prospects within the target audience to focus their efforts. With the combined effort of the sales and marketing departments in effectively identifying the demand of your existing customers, you are able to exert maximum effort in strategizing on what is needed.

  1. Increased Dominance Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Businesses today are using artificial intelligence to attend to the needs of their customers. This B2B marketing trend has been propelled by the need to streamline operations, offer clients better services, and automate some routine tasks, such as cold calling. 

One example of how artificial intelligence is being integrated into B2B marketing is through chatbots. Thanks to this technology, the efforts of customer service agents are directed at resolving more complicated and productive issues. Likewise, customers can quickly rectify a simple problem that they might be experiencing. In addition, advertising platforms are increasingly using AI to enable advertisers and publishers to network with greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency at a pre-determined price point. 

AI is also being experimented within the content marketing sector, from the actual content creation perspective. This is possible because this technology helps you to decrypt structured data through machine learning and get useful insights. With that said, AI helps in analyzing the shifting trends that surround your customer base and target customers. This digital technology configures your strategic business decisions, which eventually boosts your brand presence.

  1. Increased Importance Of Video Marketing 

The importance of video marketing isn’t only evident in the B2C market but also in B2B marketing. This trend is fostered by the fact that video marketing allows companies to catch the attention of their clients and generate greater brand engagement. These latest video trends that have caught the interest of B2B marketers include animated explainers and interactive videos.

Video is also a crucial content format in B2B marketing because most B2B customers research a particular business by checking out their videos. Although not yet adopted by B2B marketers, TikTok’s influence today is enough proof video marketing will play a huge role in B2B advertising in the future. After all, today’s Gen Z will be tomorrow’s decision-makers, so it might be best to start connecting with them to convey your branding message. 

  1. Greater Focus On Customer Retention

It’s no doubt that continuously acquiring new clients is one of the main goals of a B2B marketer to increase profit margins and propel business growth. Though, customer retention should be the primary concern of businesses, especially during these trying times, such as the recent pandemic that we’re experiencing.  Keep in mind that these customers are already in front of you just waiting for your efforts to keep them. Being able to retain your current customers is what ensures the survival of your business during periods of economic instability, so this should be the main focus of your marketing strategy.

Knowing this, B2B marketers should prioritize the needs of their existing and loyal customers. This way, the company enjoys continued sales, steady revenue inflow, and low cost per sale. 


B2B marketing trends have transformed drastically over the last ten years to creatively win over new clients for the business. These digital marketing strategies will help your business achieve the desired growth to take it to the next level. This detailed guide has highlighted the different B2B marketing trends you need to know about to keep up with the digital transformation. 


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