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B2B News for Friday, December 17, 2021: More Cloud on the Horizon, Learning & Development Predictions, Talent Drives the Bus

It’s getting harder to tell tech reports from weather reports.

“Multi-cloud networks, comprising different public and private clouds, aren’t new, but they are becoming more popular and prevalent,” said Marvin Sharp, Vice-President of Product and Strategy for Aptum, a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider. There is a distinct difference though between an enterprise network using multiple clouds and a multi-cloud network. A network relying on multiple different clouds runs the risk of creating information solos where applications can’t talk to one another because they’re running in separate clouds and data can’t be shared. This is bad for collaboration and data analytics.”

That has some strong implications for how enterprises manage all of the functions.

“In 2022, we believe organizations are increasingly going to ensure workloads running on different clouds can run seamlessly together with governance to centrally control security and policy across all their workloads, regardless of where those workloads reside,” Sharp said. “This will create opportunities for carrier-agnostic service providers with expertise across multiple cloud platforms to assist organizations looking to gain better visibility and control across their multiple clouds.”

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We’re heading into a new world of work. That’s the prediction from LinkedIn as preparations for 2022 get underway.

“2021 is the year our relationship with work changed forever. Our patterns of work and life changed, and people around the world started rethinking not only how they work (and where they work), but why they work. We call it the Great Reshuffle,” said LinkedIn COO Daniel Shapero. “In 2022, the dust will begin to settle, and new norms will become more visible, perhaps even mainstream.”

What’s driving the new normal? According to Shapero it is people just like you!

“…talent is in incredibly high demand now, and will be for the foreseeable future. Just as supply chains became a focal point of many businesses over the past year, executive teams will increasingly make hiring, development, and retention of talent a top strategic imperative.”

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Accenture Interactive has released its Fjord Trends report. The report canvas the insights and opinions of more than 2,000 designers and creatives from more than 40 locations around the world. Here are the top three trends researchers noted in the responses this year:

1. Come as you are

People are thinking differently about their sense of agency over their own lives.

“The rise in individualism and independence has major implications for organizations, relationships with employees and consumer-creators. Businesses should keep this in mind when defining their value proposition to attract and retain employees,” the report said.

2. The end of abundance thinking?

Hoarding toilet paper is so 2020. Making do with less is becoming the mantra moving forward.

“Scarcity, shortages, distribution delays, austerity laws and sustainability factors are driving forward the nature-positive movement and a more measured approach to consumption,” said Accenture.

3. The next frontier

Is the Metaverse a promise or a threat? The Accenture report shows creatives are challenging each other to be brave.

“Its true potential is yet to be seen, but it has the makings of a new cultural evolution. Finding success here will rely on brands’ understanding of their customers in this new world,” said the Fjord Trends Report.

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The rapid maturation and proliferation of EdTech had seen Learning and Development departments undergo massive transformation as training and up-skilling opportunities became a major part of employee retention. What’s in store for the sector in 2022?

“Survival of the fittest & the strongest,” said Puneet Rai, Head of Sales at Edusity. “COVID-19 has made people think differently and, as a result, a lot of players have emerged in the EdTech industry making it overcrowded. 2022 will be the year for those who are investing significantly in their brand awareness. If you can’t differentiate and make people aware you exist, you’re out of the game.”

It won’t be a victimless cull.

“Users might have to pay higher prices,” Rai said. “Many businesses that are reviving or re-establishing themselves after facing severe losses in the aftermath of COVID-19 are not in a position to discount their products & services any further.”

How can businesses protect themselves? Rai suggested shifting the focus onto “quality, innovation and some serious marketing.”

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According to David Winkler, Executive Vice President at Docufree, an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Digital Business Process Services provider, AI and biometrics will usher in a new wave of document management.

“Depending on which industry stats you follow, the global AI market was valued at $62 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at CAGR of 40 percent from 2021 to 2028,” Winkler said. “AI-driven data capture functionality promises to drastically increase customers’ data entry speed and accuracy. We will see an increase in AI and machine-learning (ML) continuous authentication solutions during the next year to analyze documents for compliance as well as case and account management where it will detect anomalies in patterns within documents—both in physical-capture and digital machine-generated documents.” 

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