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B2B News for Wednesday, December 15, 2021: Prediction from Commvault, ERP Launch, Just Boardrooms Launches

What do B2B enterprises have to look forward to in 2022?

Today’s prediction comes from Don Foster, Global Vice President of Sales Engineering at Commvault. Forster thinks data integrity fire drills are on the way.  These drills will test the strength, resilience, and speed of their cyber defense and disaster recovery processes and solutions.  

Corporate leaders might believe that their organization’s IT team has implemented a robust strategy to fend off and recover from ransom ware and other attacks. But they need to follow the famous old Russian proverb, trust but verify, Foster explained. Executives have to verify that their IT Team’s strategy will work. 

“Data integrity fire drills can confirm if an organization’s cyber-attack defenses are robust, or discover weak-points in these defenses that cyber criminals might exploit,” said Foster in a press release. ”These drills can also verify that, if a worst case scenario occurs and data has been locked, altered, or destroyed by an attack, it can be quickly recovered from a secure backup copy — turning what could have been a data disaster into a data speed bump.”

More from Don Foster:

Global Shop Solutions, a developer of ERP software for international manufacturers, has launched its new website. The site focuses on the needs of manufacturers who want to learn how ERP software can simplify their businesses.

“Since day one, we have built our ERP software based on the needs and feedback of manufacturers, and we do the same with our website,” says Marketing Project Manager Hilary Parchman. “We listen to the voice of our customers and prospects and constantly monitor the data our website provides us. All three of these areas signaled it was time to make our online experience simpler, deeper and more direct.”

New site:

The shift to remote work, and stated desire to permanently reduce corporate real estate footprints, have been discussed much in this column over the past 20 months. Services to do both are emerging at a rapid pace.

 Just Boardrooms, an online listing and booking service for meeting spaces officially launched today. The marketplace pairs business professionals with organizations looking to rent their unused meeting spaces on an as-needed basis. The marketplace is currently available in Toronto with plans to operate in 100 major cities across North America before the end of 2023.

“How people facilitate business is undergoing a fundamental transformation driven by the flexibility created by remote work,” said Howard Chang, co-founder and CEO, Just Boardrooms. “Today, more and more business leaders are choosing to maintain remote and hybrid workforces but still require access to clean and safe, conveniently located meeting spaces to collaborate in-person. Also, some people’s homes just aren’t conducive for working and they need a private, quiet space – Just Boardrooms was designed with these professionals in mind.”

Press release:


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