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Skyscrapers in the fog: Dubai is named as a beautiful city to move in the fall

What associations does the word “autumn” evoke in people? Yellow, gold, red leaves on the trees, leaf fall and empty branches bare in some places, as well as coolness, rain and warm clothes. Such an autumn is characteristic of Russia and European countries, but in the UAE, autumn begins with completely different landscapes. , and if we take into account that villas prices in UAE continue to grow, one simply cannot miss the opportunity to buy real estate profitably and plunge into the aesthetic pleasure of autumn Dubai.

Research of Premier Inn

The British affordable hotel chain Premier Inn conducted a study based on photos on the social network Instagram and compiled a rating of the most beautiful autumn cities. According to the rating, the first place among the countries of the Middle East is given to the luxurious and beautiful metropolis of Dubai. The study was not limited to the countries of the Middle East. For comparison, countries around the world were analyzed. The top ten most popular autumn cities include cities from countries such as: the USA, the UK, France, Russia, Italy, Australia, Germany.

Why it is necessary to move to Dubai in autumn?

More than 1000 photos have been published on the popular Instagram network with the hashtag “#autumninDubai”, which means “autumn in Dubai”. The news feed is simply replete with pictures of the blue sky and the turquoise Persian Gulf against the background of skyscrapers and high-rise towers. The photos of skyscrapers in the fog are a common occurrence for Dubai during the autumn-winter period, you just need to come to the country at this time. However, this is hardly the main reason for the autumn move.

The demand for housing in Dubai grows in autumn

Autumn is generally the most favourable time to travel to the UAE, and to Dubai in particular. Starting in October, the mellow season begins in the Emirates, and the demand for housing is increasing. Real estate experts advise moving to Dubai in autumn. This is the best time to move to live in Dubai. Here is another reason why it is this time that many choose a country to move: the heat is slackening, while the cold does not have time to come yet. From the end of September, the weather becomes comfortable for both visitors and local residents. The temperature drops to 30-35 degrees Celsius above zero, which is considered not a sweltering heat, but quite acceptable conditions. The sea remains as warm as in the summer months. In the evening, it is possible to feel a slight coolness, as the temperature drops to 18-22 degrees Celsius above zero.

Which property should be chosen?

Not only skyscrapers are represented in Dubai. Apartments, houses, townhouses, penthouses – there are all types of residential property that one can imagine. However, it is from the windows of high-rise buildings that you can observe a wonderful natural phenomenon in the autumn: the fog that envelops the city from above. This is an interesting and unusual sight. For example, these views can be seen from the popular skyscraper in Dubai – Burj Khalifa Tower. By the way, there are several first-class penthouses for sale in Burj Khalifa.

We will help you find a property and move to Dubai

Do you want your autumn not to be “bleak” in the usual sense? Then you should contemplate moving to the most beautiful autumn city – Dubai. Contact the specialists of Emirates.Estate for assistance in the selection of real estate in Dubai. They will choose the most beautiful apartment or cozy house for you, or maybe you will choose an unrivalled penthouse with amazing views of the Persian Gulf!


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