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B2B News for Friday, January 21, 2022: Causes of the Great Resignation, Additive Manufacturing News, Banks Stunt Cannabis Growth

Last updated on June 20th, 2023 at 09:50 am

Nurses and teachers aren’t the only people quitting their jobs. Nearly 40 millioni American workers resigned from their jobs in 2021. The Cengage Group surveyed 1,200 adults who had either quit their jobs in the last six months or are seriously planning to quit their jobs in the next six months. The resulting report is called From The Great Resignation to the Great Reskilling: Insight on What’s Next for the Great Resigners.

The top three reasons for leaving? There are few surprises. 91% of respondents want to make more money while 89% feel burnt out and unsupported. A further 83% feel that they are no longer growing in their current positions.

“The research is clear: while the pandemic has caused stress and grief for millions, at the same time, the disruption of the past two years provided space for workers to evaluate and assess their priorities and their options. Millions of workers are changing how they think about work, their purpose and the impact of their careers,” said Michael E. Hansen, CEO of the Cengage Group.

Full report:

Predictions about consolidation in the additive manufacturing industry over the past decade have largely not materialized. New research from IDTechEx, however, identified over 40 mergers or acquisitions in 2021 and tracked public announcements of investment in 3D printing totaling $390 million.

The firm is conducting a free webinar about the industry next Thursday, January 27th.

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Stephanie Hannon is the new Chief Product Officer of Waze, a community-based transportation mapping solution. Hannon brings 18 years of product management experience to the position. Her past work includes management of Google’s COVID-19 Exposure Notification project in collaboration with Apple. She has also served as CPO at Strava, a fitness tracking app, data visualization and social network for athletes.

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While the legalization of cannabis in Canada for both medical and recreational use has made discussion about the herb mainstream. Legal gray areas in the US are preventing growth of the industry. In particular, growers cannot get access to banking services. According to new research, restricted access to banking is perpetuating inequities for those in the legal production of cannabis while illegal growing and exporting continues.

“Licensed cannabis businesses need to bank their cash and take out loans to build their businesses, but many banks worry that by doing business with the cannabis industry, they’ll be flouting federal laws,” said Keith Taylor, University of California Cooperative Extension community development specialist. “Banks that won’t accept legal cannabis cash deposits and don’t provide loans aren’t monetizing their deposits. Marginalized cannabis communities are missing out on capital.” 

The research aopears in the journal Agricultural Finance Review.Press release:


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