B2B News for Wednesday, January 5, 2022: Greenwashing Dangers, Chief Sustainability and Energy Positions, FinTech Finalists

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Greenwashing is the use of spin to position a company and its practices as environmentally sustainable when they aren’t. As companies continue to position themselves and their acts of environmentalism and social responsibility at the fore of their public operations, they need to make sure their actions are authentic and effective. If they don’t, their data and system security could be in jeopardy.

Greenwashing tactics attract the attention of hackers, says new research.

“It seems that hackers have taken on a role as cyber activists, by targeting firms that are disingenuous toward social responsibility,” said researcher John D’Arcy, a professor of accounting and management information systems in UD’s Lerner College of Business & Economics.

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/articles/in-2022-hackers-will-have-companies-that-fake-social-responsibility-in-the-crosshairs

Prologis, a company focused on logistics real estate in high-barrier, high-growth markets, has appointed a chief sustainability and energy officer for the first time. Susan Uthayakumar’s team will evaluate and scale energy solutions across the Prologis platform. She will partner with the company’s environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance (ESG) team on strategy, progress, stakeholder engagement and related initiatives. 

“Susan’s proven leadership and experience will be critical to our ongoing innovation and progress on our long-term sustainability goals – and those of our customers,” said Prologis Chief Operating Officer Gary E. Anderson.

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/susan-uthayakumar-joins-prologis-as-chief-sustainability-and-energy-officer-301453077.html

It’s award season. The LendIt Fintech award finalists have been announced across 14 categories. Finalists for the FinTech Innovator of the Year are Nubank, Plaid, Affirm, Marqeta, Brighterion, and Intuit. Jennifer Tescher, CEO of Financial Health Network, Scott Sanborn, CEO Lending Club, Steve Smith, CEO of Finicity, Jason Wilk, CEO at Dave, Dave Girouard, CEO at Upstart and Prashant Fuloria, CEO at Fundbox are all finalists for Executive of the Year.

Press release: https://www.lendit.com/nexus/2022/awards

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