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Some Of The Benefits A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Offer

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s important to get an attorney. The stakes are high and the penalties can be severe. What should you do? How will this affect your life? When facing criminal charges, a criminal defense lawyer is your best bet for getting out of trouble. A qualified lawyer will work with you on strategy and help negotiate for lenient sentences such as house arrest or community service instead of prison time. They’ll also fight hard to overturn the charges against you and keep you out of jail long-term. This article discusses some reasons why hiring a good attorney is so important when faced with allegations that could land you in jail if convicted.

Why do you need a criminal defense attorney?

There are few things more stressful than being accused of committing a crime. If you’re innocent, you’re scared of losing your freedom, your job, and your good name. According to lawyers in Raleigh, NC, if the charges against you are true, then you could end up spending time in prison or paying steep fines that cripple both your finances and future. No matter what happened, having an attorney by your side is the best way to ensure that you’re protected. The fastest way to clear your name is for a good criminal defense attorney to disprove the charges against you in court, but even if this doesn’t happen, you still have lots of options.

The difference between jail time and probation

For instance, let’s say that you got into a fight with your neighbor. If convicted of assault, you could end up going to jail for a few days or months. However, if your defense attorney can show the court that you’re a good person overall and this was just an isolated incident, then there’s a chance you’ll get off with community service or probation. 

On the other hand, if you have a criminal history or were otherwise negligent in your actions, then even an assault could land you in prison for months. With this in mind, using a good lawyer to reduce charges or get them dropped altogether is essential. Since laws vary from place to place, it’s also important that your attorney knows local statutes.

How criminal law is different from civil law

Finally, attorneys are often the best people to speak for you in court because of their legal expertise. You can indeed represent yourself in court, but this is generally not a good idea. Even if you’re familiar with the law, you don’t know as much as your defense attorney and there’s no way that you could be as effective as someone who has studied these laws over years of schooling and experience. If nothing else, having an attorney gives you peace of mind that someone is looking out for you.

Whether you’re accused of a crime or are looking for someone to defend your rights, hiring an attorney is the best way to go. Having someone with experience on your side will not only give you peace of mind but also ensure that your freedoms and livelihoods stay intact. These reasons should be enough to convince just about anyone that they need legal help when faced with criminal allegations.


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