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Running a successful vacation rental business requires much more than just owning a property and finding renters to occupy your home. You want to build a community of loyal clients you can trust. Therefore, it is crucial to build rapport and concrete relationships with your visitors in order to provide the best experience possible. 

At the same time, just as you are looking for trustworthy guests who will respect your home, vacationers are seeking hosts who understand the necessities needed for a memorable travel experience. Experienced travelers look for vacation rental owners who are concerned with providing exceptional service and tending to guest needs. One of the best ways to build trust with your guests is by starting your own vacation rental blog. 

Starting A Blog Is Easy

Starting a blog is essential for any business.  Luckily, starting a blog is not as hard as you think. With today’s technological advances and simple blogging platforms starting a blog for your vacation rental business is easier than ever. 

Sites like Wix and WordPress make it easy to format content and create engaging posts to attract potential renters to your website. So if you are looking for ways to improve your vacation rental business, consider these seven reasons to start a vacation rental blog today. 

Showcase Your Expertise

One of the biggest reasons you should start a blog is to showcase your knowledge in the vacation rental market. Renters are more likely to rent from you if you can establish yourself as an authority within the vacation rental sphere and provide them with interesting information in an engaging way. 

You can write about all the happenings in your surrounding area from restaurants to eat at, places to go, and things to do. You can also provide vacation tips, travel pointers, packing hacks, and more. If you keep on writing engaging content, you can quickly become the go-to guide for travelers in your area, which will bring even more exposure to your vacation rental properties.

Keep Guests Up To Date

Another great aspect of keeping up with a blog is keeping your guests up to date with the latest news and information surrounding your vacation rental. You can showcase any renovations you may be adding to your home or update guests on activities to do with each season. 

Aside from providing useful information to your readers, a blog will make you more personable to your guest as they will see firsthand how you run your vacation rental business. 

Answer FAQ

Are you tired of personally answering the same old questions over and over again? By starting a blog and writing informative, engaging content, you can point your curious guests to previously written articles instead of answering each question through email. Consider writing about nearby stores, restaurants, rules, and more. 

Spark Interest and Increase Engagement

You can’t book your vacation rental throughout the year if your website is not getting enough clocks in the first place. Writing optimized content that is both entertaining and informational to readers can help drive tons of new traffic to your site. 

At the same time, if you write an article that they really like, they are more likely to share your blog with a friend, leading to even more business. 

Boost Your Website’s SEO

Just as stated above, optimizing your content with specific keywords to increase SEO will help put your website on top of online search rankings. Having your website pop up on the first page of sites like Google will not only help you stand out amongst your competition but will make it easier for [otential guests to find your site. 

Generate More Bookings

Creating a regularly updated blog can boost the chances of potential renters finding your content and, therefore, your vacation rental. The more traffic you have on your site, the more likely your calendar will fill up with bookings. 

Stay Consistent

It is not about how much you write but how consistent you are. Instead of trying to write as many blogs as you can in one week, try to write just one. Pick a day and release that blog at the same time every week. As long as you stay consistent and write quality content, your blog will generate more traffic and create more bookings.

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