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5 Non-Obvious Ways To Hire Flutter Developers

Have you heard of Flutter? When you do, you will want to hire dedicated Flutter developer right away. Flutter is a portable user interface toolkit that is used to create beautiful native apps for mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase. It was created by Google and works with existing code. When you hire Flutter developers, you can build gorgeous user interfaces easily. 

Unfortunately, finding Flutter developers for hire is next to impossible. Mostly because there are thousands of companies that want to hire a Flutter developer at any given time, which means that you are competing with big brands for the same developer. 

There also aren’t all that many skilled developers looking for work right now. If you want to hire a Flutter developer, you’ll have to think outside the box. 

How to Think Outside the Box and Hire Flutter Developers 

You already know the conventional, obvious ways of finding developers. You can approach a recruitment agency, post a vacancy on a job board, or hire Flutter app developers recommended by your internal team. Let’s look at how to hire Flutter developer in non-obvious ways. 

1. Join a Community

Developers are always online. They love discussing code and interacting together, especially if they specialize in free and open-source programming languages and interfaces like Flutter. You can try joining an online community on Reddit or Stack Overflow, where developers like hanging out. Stack Overflow has a formal job board, but it’s a good idea to spend some time chatting to the members. It takes longer, but you’ll get a good sense of which developers are open to new opportunities, and you can gather first-rate recommendations along the way. 

2. Use Medium and Other Blogs

You can headhunt some of the most influential developers by spending some time on blogging platforms like Medium, Hacker Noon, Free Code Camp, and Codementor. You can narrow your search down to the area of expertise, tech stack, or seniority. Blogging is all about sharing your area of expertise, so chances are you’ll find developers writing about the industry you operate in or the problems you are working on. Many of them will link to their Twitter or social media profiles so you can get in touch directly. Sure, not every good writer is a good developer, but they can certainly make recommendations that can guide your search. 

3. Scout Code Challenge Sites

Developers love showing their skills off against one another on code challenge sites. The ones who are the most active are usually featured quite prominently on the site, and you may even be able to see the code they’ve written! In fact, you might even be able to post a few challenges of your own…

Sites like TopCoder, Coderbyte, HireVue, and others have leaderboards, forums, and blogs that you can consult. 

4. Use an Offshore Company

Sometimes it’s just easier to outsource the hiring process entirely. Unlike recruiters that find permanent staff in exchange for a commission, offshore companies are worker bees for hire. They provide your entire staff complement for the duration of your project. When your project ends, the team is released without obligation. It’s usually much cheaper and easier to go this route and can save you a fortune. The staff won’t be your own, but they can work for you as long as you need them to. In fact, many of these agencies prefer long-term contracts. 

5. Paid Ads

Why pay a recruitment agency to put out ads for developers when you can create them on your own? You can use direct ads to target skilled Flutter developers. On the downside, this can cost a lot of money, and you’ll still have to sift through the deluge of applications on your own. But it’s a great way to find developers quickly and build up a team. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google to advertise and can target anyone in the world. 

Now that you know how to hire Flutter developers in an unconventional way, you can get started right away. Using less obvious ways of finding developers will give you a real edge over the competition, whichever method you choose. Put your thinking cap on, look outside the box, and get started! 


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