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6 Interesting Coins And Their Value

If you are a coin collector, then you have likely heard the phrase “the thrill of the find.” This is because there is nothing more exciting than finding an old coin that has not been seen for years. The excitement only becomes magnified if the coin turns out to be worth a significant sum. 

Coin collecting takes many forms, from simply picking up coins from your pocket and putting them in a jar to becoming a professional who specializes in certain types and periods of coins. No matter what type of collection you have, however, one thing remains true: rarity matters most. While some people collect coins primarily because they love their design or historical significance, others focus on how rare it is and their potential value when sold at an auction or through dealerships. In this article, we will take a look at some interesting coins that prove that the value of a coin is not always what you might think it is, and how these rarities can make people excited to find them.

Shakespeare 2 pound coin

In 2016, the Royal Mint gained some publicity when they released a special edition of their bi-metallic 2 Pound coin to celebrate 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. The  William Shakespeare Comedies £2 coin features three different designs of the bard’s most famous types of plays- comedy, history, and tragedy. In comedy design, there is a  jester hat and cane. History features a crown and sword inspired by Macbeth. The tragedy design has a skull and rose on the coin. All three series were designed by John Berdaghl, and even though their current worth may not be so high, they certainly can be a nice little addition to your coin collection. 

Angel wings

Another 2-pound coin coming from Britain is among the latest nickel coins. It is known as the Angel Wings issued last year in 3 different metals. It has a rather low number of 2021 and was designed to commemorate the hard work of medical staff in the UK during the pandemic. On the coin surrounding the angelic wing design, there are 6C words(Competence, Communication, Care, Courage, Commitment, and Compassion). The current market value for proof sterling silver is around 65 pounds. 

The most expensive coin in circulation

Issuing new coins is awesome for collectors who love to enjoy the design and are not focused on finding and investing only in rare pieces. However, there are quite a few rare coins that can still be in circulation and are worth more than you can suspect. Among the rarest 2 pound coins there is one with a faulty series which is worth up to $680. The design features Lord Kitchener, a British war figure from World War I. This coin was issued back in 2014 as a commemorative series to mark the passing of an entire century from World War One. 

1804 Silver Dollar Coin

With only 15 known pieces left in existence (and one held by the Smithsonian Institute), it might be difficult to come across a silver dollar coin dated 1804. It is believed that there were only 15 coins minted by the US Mint in 1804 because it was discovered that silver dollars of this series were underweight, and this discovery triggered an order to destroy them all. However, one particular coin was kept safe by Capt. Oliver Hazard Perry Wells, who sailed with Commodore Stephen Decatur. It is currently located at the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of American History in Washington DC. The market value for each 1804 Silver Dollar Coin can range anywhere from $500,000 to $3 million depending on its condition and is known to be the second most expensive coin from the US.

The most valuable Chinese coin

Compared to other special coins issued in the UK or US, it may not be that impressive. However, if we were talking about China, this “coin” would become one of the most important and expensive numismatic pieces out there. This ancient gold coin is known as the Yongle Tongbao (永樂通寳) which was used during the reign of Emperor Yongle between 1403-1425 AD. It weighs around 10 grams with a diameter of 20mm. There are two varieties- sun-facing left (雍正通寶), and sun-facing right (乾隆通寶). The market value for these types can range anywhere from $1.7 to $2 million, depending on the condition and authenticity of the coin.

Composition is a big factor

Among the most expensive coins in circulation, there are a few with high market value mostly because of their composition. The Gold 5 Pound Coin is one of them. This commemorative coin was issued for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee back in 2012. It is made from gold and features a portrait of Her Majesty on its front side, while it showcases various famous landmarks from all 4 countries that have been part of the UK over the years on its backside (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales). Minted by the Royal Mint, with only around 1 million units available for sale worldwide, makes this coin highly in demand among collectors who would love to add at least one copy to their collection. Furthermore, if you ever manage to find one of these coins in great condition, they can easily fetch $5,000 at auctions.

Collectors and numismatists are always on the lookout for interesting coins to add to their collections. While some rare coins can still be in circulation, others are so valuable that they can only be found at auctions. The market value for these coins can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars, depending on the rarity and composition of the coin. So next time you’re out shopping and come across an old coin, don’t just dismiss it as worthless – it may be worth more than you think.


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