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5 Ways to Wow Prospective Clients From the Moment They Arrive at Your Business

The best way to separate yourself from the competition is by offering the highest-quality customer service available. The first meeting can make or break your ability to do business with a client, so it’s important that you do everything in your power to leave a good impression.

How to Impress Current and Future Clients

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here are a few useful tips that can help improve your chances of selling and forming a successful business relationship.

1. Always Be On-Time and Prepared

Accidents happen, and sometimes you won’t be able to make your meeting, either on time or not at all. However, if you cancel at the last minute, your clients will assume you’re unreliable. Unless you have a good reason to reschedule, come to your meeting on time and prepared.

Remember that your clients are probably busy and don’t want to go over details they’ve already discussed with you. By your first meeting, you should know what project they want you to complete, the deadline, and your costs. Now, you have to prove that you’re the best choice.

2. Purchase an Automatic Gate Opener

Businesses who use a gate to get in and out of the premises should purchase one or more swing gate openers, depending on their size or number. They work exceptionally well if you run your office out of a gated community, as some neighbourhoods will let you operate the front gate.

If you’re able to communicate with your clients from a speaker or video feed, you’ll start your meeting off on the right foot. Not only will your customers feel like they’re an important person entering a luxury resort, but they’ll also see you as professional and successful.

3. Ensure You and Your Office Looks Great

You’ll instantly lose any credibility you might have had if your front foyer is in shambles. Whether you have a laminated or carpeted floor, make sure the place looks as spotless as possible. Otherwise, your clients will think you’re unorganized and can’t manage your time.

Don’t forget about your personal office and your attire. Your client can gather a lot of information about you based on your attire and the cleanliness of your office. Always dress for the job you want, not the one you have, because you’ll attract the right kind of clients to your business.

4. Come Out of Your Office to Great Them

There’s nothing more off-putting to a client than a large ego. All of your clients want to know that they’ll be cared for and respected as individuals. But, when you stay seated in your chair when your clients come in, you give the impression that you think you’re too important to greet them.

While standing up and greeting them at your office door is great, it’s even better if you wait in the lobby for their arrival. Not only does that show you respect your client’s time, but it also levels the playing field and relaxes the client. Be sure to shake their hand when you see them.

5. Have a Positive, Go-Getter Attitude

Your attitude can make a big difference to your clients. There are some business owners that act unimpressed or bored when they meet clients because they’ve done this song and dance a million times. However, your client can judge how passionate you are based on your mood.

If your client is greeted with a happy smile, a firm handshake with eye contact, and a great listener, they’ll trust you with their project or company. To impress your clients further, don’t speak in industry jargon. Help them understand what you’re saying to keep them engaged.


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