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Top 9 Cloud-Based Document Collaboration Tools in 2022

While most people have adapted successfully to the remote-working lifestyle, 2022 is about bringing greater efficiency to online collaboration processes. There has been a range of factors that have fostered the popularity of remote collaboration in the last decade, including globalization, cost-efficiency, flexibility, and the ability to harness a broader pool of talent. 

Recent developments, on the other hand, have not only helped to accelerate worldwide remote cooperation but have also established it as equal to conventional work in numerous industries. 

Today, 48 percent of the workforce reports working remotely, up from 30 percent prior to the pandemic. While remote collaboration has been around for a long time, there is always an opportunity for development when it comes to team collaboration. At present, it may be difficult to maintain excellent communication if the team is large and varied. 

Even after the epidemic and the rigorous shift to remote work, there are still many unsolved concerns and a lot of misunderstandings. Different time zones and restricted availability, which are frequently the main consequences of remote teams, need different communication methods.

How to facilitate cloud document collaboration?

According to Harvard Business School research, over 40% of managers lack confidence in their ability to manage and engage with their remote workforce. Managers and HR professionals need to improve the collaboration culture in remote teams in order to unite the team and maintain the best possible working environment.

These approaches for boosting collaboration may be classified into two categories: creating a culture in remote teams and offering technological solutions to enhance collaboration and get the best results.

The problem is that one cannot function without the other. You can set the greatest internal communication standards, provide the most interesting virtual team buildings, and foster employee relationships, but your efforts will be undermined if you don’t have the necessary technological resources. To help companies accelerate their digital collaboration, we’ve put together a list of the top 9 cloud document collaboration tools to rely on in 2022.

The best 9 cloud document collaboration tools in 2022

Collaboration tools for the virtual workspace are another essential component of a thriving remote work environment. Furthermore, in contrast to the widely held view that practically every procedure is usually hampered, these solutions frequently allow for more comfortable and successful teamwork. 

Many employees feel more welcome to share their thoughts, offer and receive honest criticism, and participate in projects more actively as a result of a virtual collaboration that occurs with less pressure and time constraints.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a popular and free online document collaboration application. It’s an online document viewer and editor application that allows you to create, modify, and share material with others. The sharing feature allows you to collaborate with other users by sharing editable documents with them. It also includes the traditional method of document distribution through email. 

You may also easily edit documents in formats such as RTF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, and others with this program. There are four primary features for collaborative work: Share, Chat, Comment History, and Activity Dashboard.

Google Docs offers a far more adaptable environment for working on projects collaboratively. Furthermore, it has a plethora of other functions such as Voice Typing, Dictionary, Translator, and so on.

Key features: Pre-made templates.

• Variety of various sharing rights for your Google Doc

• Drawing function within documents

• Autosave function that ensures your team does not lose any vital information

• Find and replace capability.


Notion is an all-in-one workspace that allows you to write, plan, communicate, and organize – you can take notes, add tasks, and manage projects. It enables users to follow particular sites to receive quick notifications of changes to the page, automate user provisioning and maintenance, and organize the information teams want with the flexible, endlessly adjustable sidebar.

Key features: Make and keep a knowledge base for a variety of jobs

• Kanban boards and a built-in calendar

• Comment addition to tasks and projects

• The Notion API connects its services to a variety of third-party programs such as Slack, Figma, and Invision

• Easy creation of to-do lists, meeting notes, and weekly agendas.


Whether you are a remote-first team or choose to share an office, being able to communicate information effortlessly is critical to being a productive business. This is why Lumin includes a toolset chock-full of capabilities designed to make creating and exchanging your files simpler than ever.

Lumin is a one-stop-shop for PDF editing, online collaboration, and project management, all from a single, simple interface.

You never have to worry about papers going missing or emails being bounced back and forth with Lumin; our all-in-one system makes it simple to edit, evaluate, and manage your assets.

With handy and simple editing and markup features, Lumin software brings your papers to life, allowing you to easily annotate PDF documents and photos. These digital solutions and classroom tips so that everyone can get the most out of our product. Lumin prioritizes data privacy, and our product has strengthened security to secure sensitive user information.

Key features: Custom PDF Forms

• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

• PDF Editing Tools

• View, share, and edit PDFs in the cloud

• Split, merge, unlock, compress, annotate and convert PDFs in the cloud

• Add digital signatures to your PDFs

• Manage documents across different devices

• Cloud integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Office

• Upload files of different formats.

The PDF annotation tool lets you work with PDF files like your own personal notebook: you can paint, draw, leave comments for the team, or change the PDF file however you like.

Start a free trial to discover the benefits of Lumin for yourself.


ClickUp is a cloud-based work platform that integrates critical business apps and consolidates firm data into a single online solution. Views that are highly customizable improve project management efficiency and cooperation. Additionally, the tool allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time via chat and alerts. 

The LineUp TM capability allows you to see your colleagues’ major focus areas by displaying a prioritized list of work for each individual.

Key features: To handle team collaboration projects, there are eight distinct view choices

Each project has its own set of modifiable statuses

Assign tasks to numerous members at the same time

SCRUM approach that is used to deliver insights in a simple way

Seamless third-party interfaces.


Confluence is a collaborative workspace that enables teams to effectively communicate, organize, and publish. It is open and collaborative, allowing your team to do their best work as a unit. It can be difficult to keep track of revisions, comments, or criticism provided by other team members, but this platform solves the problem. You have a universal search option that allows you to scan the whole workspace for matching data.

Key features: Meeting notes to assist your team in remaining organized

Easy access to separate customer information

Team collaboration through comments and mentions

Version control

Notification of new modifications


Bit mostly serves team cooperation projects. Using Bit’s strong management features, you can quickly build dynamic notes, papers, wikis, knowledge bases, projects, client deliverables, technical manuals, and more. You may also establish distinct workspaces for each of your tasks. 

Key features: Workspace function for arranging projects, clients, and teams

Document transfer between workplaces

Visual web connections, rich media, movies, graphics, designs, embeds, social media postings, and polls included

Document tracking

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is an online collaboration solution that promotes team collaboration by allowing users to share files. You can zoom in and out of timelines in order to see weekly and annual plans. The timelines tool is easily customizable, which aids with team organization. It is an appropriate tool for authors who require content cooperation.

Key features: To-do lists with deadlines

Timelines containing project milestones

Rich media integration with documents

The note-taking tool provides a customized planning space for your team

Team mentions boost the visibility of comments for cooperation.

Zoho Writer

Zoho is yet another feature-rich cloud-based word processing application that syncs your work in real-time. Zoho ensures that your MS Word documents are loaded into the platform with no formatting problems. In addition, Zoho’s real-time sharing tools allow you to collaborate on team projects. You may watch other team members’ cursor movements and modifications when you share your papers with them.

Key features: Role-based access to folders and documentation

External sharing links

Alerts and notifications for any changes by team members.


Monday is specifically designed to meet the demands of staff working on a collaborative project. Teams may establish unique workflows, and Monday will intelligently adapt to the demands of the team. Monday is ideal for businesses of all kinds and has many useful features.

Key features: Assigning tasks to team members and tracking progress

User-friendly interface and features

Aggregation of all useful apps



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