How to Write an Essay about Something You Don’t Believe In

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Writing does not come easily for people, and not many people can express themselves in writing. It’s easier to write about things you like because of your passion and enthusiasm for the topic. Now, writing about what you don’t believe in can be very difficult, and essay writing does not necessarily need you to believe in the topic. Expressing yourself is easier when you are fascinated by the topic. This type of situation in writing happens mostly when writing an argumentative essay, where you are asked to argue for something you don’t believe in. To deliver an amazing piece of writing on a topic you don’t believe in doesn’t require you to change what you believe. It sounds funny, but then let’s delve into what’s required to deliver an amazing essay irrespective of your beliefs about the topic.

Write the same way you would write essay research. Regardless what you are writing on, whether you believe it or not, you need to research and get a piece of in-depth knowledge about the topic. You can’t write about what you don’t know, so there is a need for you to gather information about the topic. Research for evidence and common arguments that support what you don’t believe in.

Think of it as an exercise. As an essay writer, you need to be flexible by using your critical thinking skill to have an objective look at the issue on both sides. Your results will suffer if you can’t do this because you can’t deliver a good essay when you don’t have an open mind towards a topic you don’t believe in. 

Attach importance. It can be difficult to write something inspiring when you don’t believe in it. Attaching importance might motivate you to get the job done because there’s no way you will deliver an amazing essay without you being motivated or inspired. On the other hand, once you are not motivated to write, you can be sure your delivery won’t be up to 100 percent, and you might require the service of an essay writer to do justice to it.

Put your imagination to use. Imagination is the creative aspect of our minds. It could be through images or the concepts of external objects not real to the senses. The more you believe in your imagination or the stronger your imaginative power, the better you can express yourself in writing. If you cannot imagine, you cannot be an amazing writer. 

Approach your essay analytically. When writing an essay on any topic, your personal beliefs should not be involved. Just think about the topic and put it into writing like any other topic. You don’t believe in it shouldn’t stop you from learning about the topic. On the contrary, the knowledge gained while researching either strengthens your belief or widens your scope of the horizon.

Think of it as a personal growth exercise. It would be best if you were open-minded. If not, you will have low results because you will not be able to deliver a good essay. To win an argument, you need to think and know how your counterpart will respond, so take writing an essay like this as a practice for winning an argument. Spell out your winning argument without thinking about your personal belief.


Writing an essay on a topic you do not believe in can only become a problem when you are not a critical thinker. It is best you treat such topic as any other if you want to deliver a good and quality essay because you don’t have to change your beliefs but you do need to have an open mind to be convincing.

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