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Six Industries That are Being Transformed by AI Voice Technology

AI and machine learning are having a significant impact on nearly every business. Rapid advancements in AI voice technology, especially in the past ten years, have made it easier for several industries to keep up with growing consumer demand.

Today, all leading tech players are competing, developing, and deploying voice-enabled AI systems based on speech data processing and analysis. Let’s find out more about what the future holds for AI voices.

1. Education

Voice-driven AI is anticipated to be implemented further into the education arena.

Voice assistants enable learners to interact with learning resources without the instructor’s assistance. They can be used in both academic and non-academic settings to facilitate engagement with educational resources or receive further learning support.

Furthermore, schools and colleges can provide students with digital assistants for campus-related instructional requirements instead of conventional printed manuals or sophisticated portals.

2. Healthcare

Witnessing the enduring digitization pace of the healthcare sector, the time is not far ahead when Voice ai technology will be instrumental in helping practitioners with note-taking, patient examination, and caseload management. 

Also, Interactive AI solutions can help aged or bedridden individuals self-diagnose if they require medical attention. Such tools can advise patients of medication side effects or concerns that suggest they need quick medical assistance. 

3. Online Browsing

Voice AI is influencing online search behavior as well.

Internet users are rapidly switching to voice assistants for online shopping, and the voice advertising market segment has shown concurrent growth. It implies that an entire business is developing around creating speech advertisements and voice-driven marketing.

The integration of TTS with voice-powered AI searching will eventually result in captivating adverts and realistic-sounding speech, as people shift progressively to speech-driven solutions.

4. Banking and Finance

Voice-driven AI would deliver great user experiences on mobile banking applications, portals, and help desks.

AI-backed voice-enabled smartphone banking app users would experience prompt, secure, and seamless query resolution.

Also, voice assistants in customer support centers can provide rapid and uncomplicated responses to a wide range of consumer concerns while delivering a personalized and interactive experience.

5.  E-commerce and Retail

The introduction of voice search tech has disrupted the retail and e-commerce sectors.

Gone are the times when consumers had to go through multiple product pages on e-commerce sites or walk down to a retail outlet.

While AI-integrated voice assistants have transformed shopping experiences, the inclusion of voice-based instant search features has eased online purchasing. Now the user only needs to say the product’s name or relevant search keywords and be guided to the relevant products, irrespective of the online or offline channel. 

6. Transportation 

Voice-enabled technologies can become the cornerstone of the transportation sector’s consumer experience.

Transporation businesses can leverage AI-powered voice solutions to streamline customer reservation tasks. They could also be utilized to provide customers with details such as the next options available, transit routes, and schedules, among other things.

AI voice technology is still in its nascent stages. As voice-driven AI becomes bigger and increasingly adept at processing diverse languages and conversations, its potential applications will also increase.

Also, AI-powered products are getting more compatible with humans; hence voice AI is bound to influence everyday lives even more shortly. As a result, businesses must integrate these solutions well in advance to reap their benefits in the future.


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