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10 Major Companies That Take Bitcoin Payments

As the cryptocurrency wave spreads worldwide, major companies and brands are not taking a back seat. Many large companies now accept Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency to date, as payment. The reasons for this trend vary, but a standard view is that Bitcoin payment is a convenient, less expensive, and safe payment option.

What is Bitcoin Payment?

Bitcoin payment means paying for goods and services using Bitcoin. Instead of the traditional government-controlled payment alternatives like cash, bank transfers, and credit card payment, you can pay for items and services using Bitcoin in stores that take this payment alternative. And this is different from Bitcoin trading. You can sign up on to learn more about and start Bitcoin trading.

The list of companies taking Bitcoin payments is growing by the day. This list includes companies operating in various industries and sectors, from technology to retail. Moreover, some companies are the largest in their industries and sectors in terms of operations and revenues. Let’s look at ten of these.


PayPal is a leading company in the digital payments industry. The company facilitates online money transfers for its customers. Hence, it was pretty straightforward to accept Bitcoin as early as 2014. PayPal allows customers to transact using Bitcoin and accepts Bitcoin payments for its services. 


Starbucks started taking Bitcoin payments in 2020 mainly due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that reduced everyday interactions, including requirements to use face masks, social distancing, and lockdowns. By adding Bitcoin to their Starbucks app, customers can pay using Bitcoin.


Microsoft takes Bitcoin payments by allowing users to use Bitcoin to top up their Microsoft accounts. It also allows customers to use Bitcoin when purchasing items on the Microsoft Store, including apps and games.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a leader in the retail industry in accepting Bitcoin payments. However, the company does not take Bitcoin payments directly. Consumers can instead use Bitcoin to purchase the company’s gift card and then use it to pay for food.


AT&T allows customers to pay using Bitcoin indirectly through BitPay. And this happens when customers log in to their accounts and chooseBitPay as their payment option. AT&T made history by being the first mobile carrier to accept Bitcoin payments in the US. 

Virgin Galactic 

The company lets customers pay for their space travel using Bitcoins. And this applies to both Virgin Airlines and Virgin Mobile. Virgin Atlantic takes direct Bitcoin payments, which is impressive.


Twitch is a leading video live streaming company that is part of the bigger Amazon brand. It allows users to pay using Bitcoin directly. Most customers use Bitcoin to pay for the wide range of services available.


Wikipedia is on the Bitcoin payments bandwagon. The company allows users to make donations using Bitcoin. However, the payments must be through BitPay. Donations are a significant source of funding support for Wikipedia.


Overstock takes Bitcoin payments as well as other cryptocurrencies. Something unique about the company is that it also holds Bitcoins. Users can pick Bitcoin as the payment option in the checkout procedure.


NewEgg has shown its stance on cryptocurrency by selling computer hardware for mining Bitcoin. The company accepts Bitcoin payments from customers who buy its products. 

Parting Shot

Many major companies are now taking Bitcoin payments. This trend shows the popularity of Bitcoin payment as a convenient and safe payment method. What has been your experience when paying using Bitcoin with significant companies? 


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