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How To Build A Flourishing Global IT Business In Italy

As technology becomes essential for businesses, the demand for IT products and services is increasing. You may think of going global in this domain because countries like Italy have a huge market. In fact, you can consider a local startup rather than providing remote services for the clients because the growth potential is massive in the country. But you may have some qualms regarding immigration and other regulations for global ventures. Thankfully, you can visit Bersani Law Firm & Partners for getting assistance with the immigration part. Consulting local experts can help you address doubts about regulations and taxes. Let us share some tips to build a flourishing global IT business in Italy. 

Get in with an investor visa

Immigration should be on top of your mind, even before creating a business plan. Luckily, Italy has multiple citizenship routes such as descent, marriage, and naturalization. But you need not worry if you do not qualify for the standard alternatives. Getting in with an investor visa is a breeze, provided you can fit investment within your startup budget. The good thing is that you need not bring in millions because the Italian investor visa lets to unlock access with a minimal funding of €250,000. The paperwork is minimum, and the process takes a couple of months to complete. Moreover, you have to bring the funds only after landing in Italy and getting a residence permit.

Mobilize your business plans

Once you sort out the immigration part, you can mobilize your business plans. Consider the local market and customer demand to develop your product or service offering. You must define your target audience and identify your competition. Knowing your target audience lets you address their pain points while identifying the competitors enables you to differentiate your offering. Also, check the regulations and tax norms you have to follow as a resident of Italy. The last thing you want to encounter is a legal issue due to a lack of awareness. Collaborating with legal and tax experts is the best way to tie the loose ends.

Extend your reach to the EU markets

Setting up an IT business in Italy as a resident gives you the advantage of a global reach. You can travel visa-free to the EU countries, so it is possible to extend your reach to the markets in the region. You can pick the countries with demand for your offerings and grow your business to make it truly global. Traveling to participate in trade shows, meet clients, and prospect new markets is a breeze as you need not stress about visa hassles. Things get even better once you obtain Italian citizenship by naturalization down the line. You have a chance to build the business at a bigger level when you can stay in Italy for good.

Establishing an IT business in Italy is a lucrative idea because the country has a broad market for tech offerings. But remember to cover the immigration front before going ahead with the plans. Luckily, the Italian investor visa makes it easy to land in Italy and obtain a residence permit so that you can materialize your vision.


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