B2B Strategies From the NFL

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Even business owners enjoy some Friday night football. However, did you know that observing the NFL isn’t just a recreational activity? It has several strategies you can employ in your B2B practices! Read on to learn how you can use them in your business.

Do Your Research

Think of your B2B business like sports betting. You’d never place a blind bet without checking and comparing the available super bowl odds. Skilled bettors also like to study the super bowl lines to help them make the best betting decisions. They evaluate multiple factors before game days, such as injuries, previous matchups, and home-field advantage. 

B2B marketing requires the same level of research. You need to survey your customer base regularly to evolve your messaging effectively. 

Evaluate Your Top Players

Next, let’s think about the NFL training camp. Its main goal is to evaluate the players and develop their skills. Use this practice in monitoring your employees to identify the top performers. This method also helps you identify the members of your team who need help improving their marketing skills. 

Don’t Count on a Hail Mary

NFL coaches can’t count on a big play all the time. Incorporating a grinding drive is crucial in football and B2B practices. A viral video may increase sales short term, but it won’t have a long-lasting impact. Instead, look for ways to connect to customers across multiple media platforms. 

Work as a Team

To be successful, an NFL team must work together. It’s the same for B2B businesses. You’ll need to employ teamwork for your B2B marketing. It requires multiple employees working diligently and helping each other improve your website, and your print, and online content. 

Communicate With Your Quarterbacks

The head NFL coach is in charge, but he communicates with his quarterbacks so they can help run offense and defense. Relating this to a B2B setup, think of the quarterbacks as your senior executives. The best way to improve employee satisfaction is by communicating with your team effectively. 

Hire Cheerleaders

In the NFL, a cheerleader’s job is to perform at various events to promote their team. In a B2B setting, this role equates to brand advocates. We recommend creating a referral program that inspires people to discuss your services. 


B2B ventures and the NFL have more in common than you’d think. Sports organizations can learn from B2B partnerships, but a B2B business can also learn a thing or two from the NFL. 

Adopting NFL strategies will improve your B2B business and marketing. Employ these strategies today to promote your brand, improve employee satisfaction, and play to your strengths like your favorite football stars. 

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