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6 Things You Can Do to Enhance Retail Security at Your Store

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 05:22 am

In 2021, retail sales across the world brought in $26 trillion. That’s a 10% increase from 2020. Of course, the pandemic had a lot to do with the dip in retail sales in 2020. However, it was still a major jump in 2021.

Retail sales in the United States alone brought in $6.6 trillion in 2021. This is a $1 billion increase from 2020. Thus, it’s clear that the retail market is indeed recovering from the losses it suffered during the 2020 pandemic

The global retail market is set to reach a value of $30 trillion by 2024. A year later, its value will exceed $31 trillion. It’s indeed a glorious time for the industry and the perfect moment to enter this business. 

When you are running a retail store, the security of your merchandise and the customers is very important. Even though most stores have implemented traditional methods to protect their products and people, they aren’t able to stop shoplifting or theft. 

The following tips can help you enhance your retail security.

Using Access Control Security Systems

Access control security systems are an important part of any retail security program. They help you keep track of who is coming in and out of your store, and they can also be used to limit access to specific areas of the store. Access control systems can also be used to control who has access to your merchandise as well. It’s a cost-effective way for you to increase security at your store without having to hire additional employees or pay for additional training programs. Learn more about these access control security systems and why they’re vital to your retail security measures.

Understanding And Implementing Anti-Theft Measures

To prevent shoplifting, use the following anti-theft measures:

  • Use security tags or electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags on high-value items. These tags alert staff if an item is removed from its display area.
  • Have CCTV installed throughout your store so you can monitor activity. If a suspicious person is identified, contact the police immediately and provide video footage of their movements to help with their investigation.
  • Install doors that lock automatically when closed. This will deter criminals who try to make off with goods by simply walking out of a door that isn’t properly secured.
  • Place high-value products out of reach at eye level or higher, so they’re harder for shoplifters to steal without being seen by other customers or staff members nearby. You can also use Luminati Cabinets to encase any valuable goods.

Anticipating Issues And Having An Action Plan

Before you begin to implement any security strategies, you must have a solid understanding of the crime trends in your area. Having this knowledge will help you anticipate many of the issues that may arise and be better prepared with a plan in place should they occur.

You should also consider having an action plan for situations that are likely to happen but haven’t yet occurred at your store. Asking yourself, “What if?” can help you avoid being caught off guard if something goes wrong. It also ensures that if something does go wrong, there are steps in place to deal with it before things escalate out of control.

Keeping Shoplifting On A Check

As a business owner, you mustn’t tolerate shoplifting at your store. Shoplifting costs businesses billions of dollars every year. The best way to prevent shoplifting is to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior in the store and report it immediately.

If you notice a customer acting suspiciously, ask them if they need help finding something before letting them continue shopping. If they refuse help and seem like they’re trying to hide something, alert an employee right away so that they can watch this person closely until their transaction has concluded or ask them to leave until they have finished shopping.

If someone steals from your store while making a purchase (or after), report this incident immediately to local law enforcement officers. They can take necessary action on behalf of the business owner and make sure that justice is served appropriately.

Using Video Surveillance Systems For Security Purposes

Video surveillance systems are a great way to protect your customers and employees from threats. There are several different types of video surveillance systems available. Some systems can be installed by you, while others require a professional. 

The more expensive cameras will have more features and better quality images than the cheaper ones, but they won’t necessarily work better in all situations. Do some research into different models to find one that fits within your budget without sacrificing too many features or image quality.

Most security cameras come with HD resolution (1080p). If possible, try connecting the camera directly to a cloud or live servers online. That will help you keep an eye on your business even when you’re not present there in person.

Maintaining A Safe Parking Lot

As with your store, your parking lot should be well-lit, monitored by a security guard, and have ample signage to discourage loitering. 

Ensure that there is enough lighting for customers to safely enter and exit their vehicles at night. This can deter criminals who might otherwise feel more confident in darkness.

Have someone monitor the lot during evening hours. An on-site security guard can help deter crime and make customers feel safe while they’re shopping or dining at your store. Even if you don’t have an actual guard, simply having one visible in the area would help prevent crime from occurring in the first place.

Now that you know the basics of how to enhance your retail store security, it’s time to get started. Remember that these tips can work for other businesses as well. However, the effectiveness of all this depends on how well you can execute them. 


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