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Factors to consider before choosing a binary options broker

The simplicity and profitability of binary options as a money-making venture have made it popular in recent years. People from all walks of life are falling over themselves to learn binary options trading. The beauty of binary options trading is its low entry point and how fast you can make money.

However, few people consider the importance of a binary options broker like, or how a broker determines the success or failure of a binary options trader. Others even chase brokers based only on emotions and assumptions. This is one of the worst things you can do, especially if you want to make lots of money with binary options.

But the truth is that the type of binary options broker you end up with will determine your failure or success in this venture. Here are the factors to consider before choosing a binary options broker:

Is the broker regulated?

The #1 task – and the most important of all these factors – is to check for the regulatory status of a binary options trader. You should consider this critical component by checking out appropriate regulatory agencies.

Some renowned regulatory agencies are ASIC, CySEC, and FSA (Federal Services Authority).

The primary job of these regulatory agencies is to oversee brokers while ensuring the protection of funds belonging to traders.

It is crucial to point out that several countries do not regulate binary options. This implies that traders from these countries will be unable to engage in binary options trading through local brokers. Instead, they need to check for an offshore and regulated binary options broker.

Doing business with a regulated binary options trader is crucial. Your funds or capital as a trader will be safer with a regulated broker than with a non-regulated one. Moreover, regulated brokers will always offer you reasonable prices free from market manipulation.

The availability of a demo account

The second most crucial factor to look for when choosing a binary options broker is the availability of a demo account.

Using a demo account provided by a broker enables you to gain trading experience within a short time. Binary options demo accounts usually portray the same conditions as the real market. Still, you will never be exposed to real-world market risk. You will also learn superb trading techniques as you deploy strategy upon strategy in the demo account.

The service level and practice a regulated binary options broker gives you will be the same as the real-world or live market. As a trader, you have complete control over how long you want to keep playing on a demo account.

Some binary options brokers provide demo accounts for relatively short periods, while others offer them for life. Therefore, opt for a lifetime trial demo account that allows traders to test their trading methods and styles. Then, you can enter the live market anytime you feel ready to take it on.

Support for traders

It would be prudent of you to check if the broker you want to choose offers their clients top-notch support. You don’t want to be with a binary options broker that isn’t always there when you need them.

A binary options broker that offers support to their clients shows that they care about them. It is also a demonstration of how professional they are in this field. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that the brokers that offer support to their clients are often regulated.

Therefore, check for multiple contact alternatives, such as live chat, email, phone, Skype, etc., when searching for the best binary options broker. You should only settle with a regulated broker if their level of customer support meets your satisfaction.

The requirements for minimum initial deposits

Creating a legitimate account with a regulated broker will require you to make a minimum deposit. Unfortunately, brokers don’t charge the same amount regarding minimum deposits.

Therefore, as a beginner or newbie binary options trader, start with a regulated broker that requires only a small deposit or initial investment. However, if you find the advantages and features to your taste or top-notch, consider establishing a live trading account requiring large investments right away.

Multiple asset investing

Assets that binary options broker offer their clients vary. For example, some brokers do not provide more than two assets, while some offer their clients up to seven assets to invest in.

It will be in your good interest to choose a regaled binary options broker that offers more assets, such as commodities, stocks, currency pairs, etc., to traders. This will significantly boost your profits when trading binary options appropriately.

Return and payouts

Every binary options trader desires to make much more money than invested. But this is only possible if you choose a binary options broker offering higher returns and payouts. In most cases, returns often range from 60 percent to 80 percent.


The type of binary options broker you work with determines your success or failure in this venture. That is why you should consider all the above factors before choosing a particular binary options broker. This prevents you from getting manipulated by unregulated brokers or losing your money to the rotten eggs in the industry.


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