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How to Put Your Own Stamp on Your Headquarters

Whether you’ve just moved into a new office space or you simply feel that your current headquarters is starting to feel quite bland and dated, putting your own stamp on things can only be an improvement. There are all kinds of ways in which you can improve the design and aesthetics of your workplace and office building, and we’re going to talk about some of the approaches you might want to take today.

Improve the Arrival Experience

If your main aim here is to improve the experience that people have when arriving at your business, you need to make sure the arrival experience itself is on point. Looking good from the outside is obviously important, and we’ll talk more about that later, but you also need to offer a pleasant experience. Easy parking, an accessible entry point and smooth tarmac all make a difference for people arriving by car.

Ensure the Reception Desk is Efficient

Ensuring your reception desk is efficient and able to serve the needs of the business properly will give your business an edge. After all, first impressions tend to be sticky; once they’ve been established, they can be hard to shift. So you want to make sure that anyone visiting your headquarters gets the right kind of welcome and isn’t left waiting around unnecessarily.

Make it Clear That This is Your HQ

It should be clear for everyone inside your workplace that this is your HQ. Not that your employees are going to doubt that and think they’re in the wrong office; we’re talking more about branding here. Using your logo and the company colors to make the office feel more personalized and less generic can only be a good thing. So think about how you can do that.

Use Flags, Signs and Banners Outside

It’s important that people know that your location is right there as they pass by. Not only does it makes it easier to find your business when they want and need to, but it also generally raises awareness in the local area, which can’t be a bad thing. You could have a custom flag made displaying the name and logo of the brand, and you should have a permanent sign in place too.

Make it an Open and Productive Space

You want to make sure that the workplace is as open and welcoming as it can be. You also want to make it a productive and collaborative space where your employees truly feel they can do their very best work. So why not consult them and see what kinds of layout and design features they feel would be beneficial?

Image Source – CC0 License

As you can see, there’s no shortage of different ways in which you can put your own stamp on your business and look for ways in which you can improve the general aesthetic and visual appeal of the place. So if you think a change is needed, be sure to make the most of the tips above.


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