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Guide to Developing a Good Product: A 5-Step Approach

Before it is ready for sale, ​​any product must first go through a product development process. Many different experts, including business owners, researchers, designers, and marketers are usually involved in this process. If you’re an entrepreneur thinking about developing new products, it’s beneficial to learn more about this process. 

In this post, we will learn how to make a product development plan and offer some useful product development tips.

Concept and Ideation

This is the first, most creative phase of the product development process where you might consider what your company is missing or how you may improve a current product. Have you identified a market opportunity? Can you take advantage of the most recent customer demands and company trends in your area? Or perhaps some feedback from customers has inspired you to develop a new product line. 

At this point, it is necessary to conduct market research and study your competitors in order to detect potential weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats that might potentially affect product development.

Screening and Filtering

To ensure that only the greatest ideas reach the market, it is crucial to go through a step of screening and filtering. Request opinions from everyone on your ideas. Try surveys, focus groups, polls on social media, networking events, talking to your friend and family, etc.

Selling a product sample before your product goes into mass production is another approach to measuring demand. You can create a landing page to draw visitors in and make use of Google Ads’ or Facebook Ads’ limited number of free ad credits. Visitors to your product page are a positive sign that there is interest in purchasing it.

Design a Prototype

By making sketches and models of your new product, you will be able to test it, gather feedback once again, and fix any issues before going into production

Don’t forget to name your product. When coming up with a new product name, you will also need to research and brainstorm, then test the name before you launch. To make the process shorter and more effective, we recommend using a product name generator. Your product name must be consistent with your larger brand name while also telling its own unique story to the customers. Additionally, it must be unique, intelligible, relevant, and discoverable. 

Manufacture Your Product

Make sure your designs are perfect before sending them off to be manufactured. Consider where and how much it will cost to manufacture the product if you are not making it yourself. Will your product be manufactured abroad or in the country? How will you communicate with the manufacturer?

Additionally, you should be aware of legal requirements, including those relating to patents for your original inventions, intellectual property, safety and testing standards, and other similar matters.

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Market Your New Product

You are now prepared to market and advertise your new product. Giving target customers the option to pre-order the product is a good strategy to increase sales while it is still being developed. Or you may think about holding a modest launch event to generate interest in your company.

Investigate the best ways to promote and sell on social media if you run a store, whether it’s online or brick-and-mortar. This is a fantastic approach to expose your product to an interested audience that can make a purchase without ever leaving the app.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the money for expensive advertisements. You can still conduct a successful go-to-market strategy by following these strategies:

  • Working with influencers 
  • Optimizing your website/product page for SEO
  • Get reviews from early customers
  • Launch a referral program. 

Final Thoughts

Every path to a finished product during product development is different, and each industry has its own set of challenges. If you’re having trouble making sense of it all, keep in mind that every product that came before yours had to overcome the same difficulties.

There are many moving components to keep in mind, from ideation and prototyping to launching and product marketing. But the good news is you can break down the daunting task of bringing a new product to market into more manageable phases by using these five steps as you go through your own product development process. Whatever you’re doing, you can set yourself up for a successful finished product by investing the appropriate time in research, screening, planning, prototyping, and manufacturing.


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