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The Benefits Of Training And Re-Training Employees In The Workplace

Last updated on April 21st, 2023 at 06:06 am

If your business has grown somewhat since its early days, then chances are, a lot has changed. You may have some employees that have been there since the early days and others who’ve only recently joined the fold.

Whatever the case may be, training is a highly important part of running a business, whether you’re looking at improving upon existing employees and their experience or starting afresh.

There are lots of benefits that come with training and re-training employees who’ve perhaps forgotten some of the training they had originally. A study conducted by LinkedIn found that 94% of employees would stay within a company for longer if there were training opportunities readily available within the company.

With that being said, here are some of the benefits that come with training and re-training employees in the workplace.

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Improves productivity

With training, productivity takes a massive jump up, which is exactly what you want when it comes to business growth. A lack of productivity can lead to problems in the workplace including deadlines being missed and campaigns or work not having the same high-quality finish that it used to have.

As a business, it certainly pays to be attentive to those who may be lacking productivity due to minimal training that is stunting their own personal growth within the workplace.

Businesses can always benefit from a little improved productivity every now and then!

Helps re-learn anything that’s been lost in memory

We’re only human at the end of the day and there’s nothing more human than memory. While computers can retain data for a lifetime, humans don’t always have the best memory available. 

Whether that’s short-term or long-term, some training can go in one ear and out of the other. Some may be able to retain that information for around a year or so, but much of it is likely lost after just a few months. 

With that in mind, the benefit of re-training staff is that they’ll re-learn anything that’s been lost to memory and that’s still valuable to have when it comes to skillsets and knowledge.

Provides accountability for all those responsible

With training opportunities, it can put certain employees in a position of responsibility. It’s important to have accountability within the workplace else otherwise, fingers are likely to be pointed and no one gets held accountable for mistakes or successes in the workplace.

Training can definitely help provide that additional responsibility that some employees need to have, especially if they’re stepping into managerial or supervisor roles. This can useful for those who are looking to take a step up within their role and career path.

Fewer employees need support

Employees require a certain degree of help and support within their role, whether they’ve just started in the business or have been in the role for many years. There’s always something new to learn or a new trend or societal change to adapt to.

With regular training, one of the big benefits that come with fewer employees needing support is that time can be spent elsewhere. You don’t need to rely on internal resources and certain staff members to pick up those staff members who need further guidance. 

Of course, there will always be employees who need support at times but if other employees have more time to do their own work instead of helping others, it can be useful. As it’s already been mentioned, it’s important to have high levels of productivity in the workplace.

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Opportunities for employee growth

Employee growth goes beyond just their own personal growth in their role but in general too. For example, some staff may want to venture out and learn more about community charities and initiatives that are available through training.

There’s also training to help in the scenario where another staff member needs medical assistance. First-aid training and BLS renewal are two essentials for employees to have but not everyone will want to have that responsibility in their hands. Therefore, it’s worth asking who is interested in learning first-aid and gaining qualifications in BLS.

There’s also training to help in the scenario where another staff member needs medical assistance. First-aid training and BLS renewal are two essentials for employees to have but not everyone will want to have that responsibility in their hands. Therefore, it’s worth asking who is interested in learning first-aid and gaining qualifications in BLS.

You will also find that this improves greatly if you can provide your employees with the best in Workforce Development Solutions. This can be general training of all kinds, including specifics about the roles they engage in and anything else that might prove important. With this in place, you are going to have a much happier workforce, and one that achieves a lot more on the whole.

Shows the business cares for their employee development

Employee development is important for any business that’s looking to leverage its employees for growth. To the outside world and industry you’re in, it shows you’re willing to invest in this development to go further as a company. 

For the employee, it’s a sign of loyalty and commitment towards them as individuals. Whether it’s sole training specifically for one employee or it’s group training provided to everyone, knowing you’re being invested in by your employer, is a great feeling. 

It’s useful to have a departmental and general workforce budget for training to ensure that everyone is getting equal opportunities when it comes to training.

Showcases a standard of training by the company

With training, it can set a standard that the company offers and when it comes to re-training, maintaining this standard is kept by doing so.

Showcasing the company’s willingness to train its staff and set a good standard across the board is important. Every employee matters when it comes to employee training, so every effort should be made to ensure the same quality training is provided to each and every employee.

From the onboarding process of training staff in their role to improving upon the current training of existing staff that have been with the business for years now. 

Improves the overall talent and skillset of the workforce

With training, one of the biggest benefits a business gets is the overall improvement of talent and skillset within the workforce. Every time a member of staff learns something new, so does the business. 

Having a workforce that has endless talents and stays up to date with the latest trends and efforts, is only going to benefit the business too. 

There are many benefits of training and re-training employees this year, so if there are employees that are lacking a refresher or training in general, make that change now. It’ll benefit the company greatly for the year ahead. 


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