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The Role Of NFC Tags In Secure Shipment

The functioning of the logistics sector can sometimes be very stressful. Even shipping a product does not necessarily guarantee its safety and security. Sometimes, not only the shipped product is damaged, but it goes missing entirely. However, there is an easy solution to ensure that the shipped product is safe and secure, and the solution comes in the form of NFC tags. The NFC tags are handy devices that ensure that the shipment is secure throughout the process. It makes it easier for the logistic companies to ensure the proper product delivery to the customers. 

What Is NFC?

To understand the role of NFC in secure shipment, it is crucial to understand what NFC means. NFC or Near Field Communication tag is wireless technology. This technology makes it easier to transfer data quickly. A small NFC tag in the shipment is powerful enough to communicate the data to a suitable device. 

NFC tags are much more than stickers that one can find in the shipment packages. These stickers contain small microchips which contain essential information. All that the user needs is a device that can scan the data stored in the tag. Not only the NFC tags can send data, but it is capable of receiving information. In other words, it works in a bidirectional manner. NFC tags can easily be scanned by bringing a device like a smartphone to scan the tag similar to how you connect to UnitedWifi or AirCanadaWiFi when you are flying passenger aircraft. Its working style is similar to contactless payment. 

The Role Of NFC Tags In Secure Shipment

It is not rare in the logistic industry to misplace shipments and mix up different shipments during transportation. During bulky shipments, it is essential to find a better way to track everything. NFC tags can provide this easy monitoring with the help of an inventory that is encoded in the tag. It makes it easier for the different stakeholders to track the shipment. Additionally, the NFC tag also comes in handy to update the shipment’s status. 

With NFC tags, the packages and the logistic companies can ensure that it is sent in the right location, preventing accidental mix up. All these advantages of NFC tags also improve customer satisfaction too. Many shipment companies also use NFC tags to update their customers about the shipment’s location in real time. It also makes it easy to keep an eye on the ETA and helps the customers to know when they can expect their shipment. Overall, it helps improve the efficiency and transparency of the entire shipment process. 

Security Of The NFC Tags 

We now know that the NFC tags can contain different information. It is, therefore, common to question its security. To begin with, NFC tags cannot be manipulated by any third-party apps easily. It is because to tamper with the NFC tags; a proximity requirement is there. Generally, the device should be less than two centimeters from the NFC tag. Therefore, NFC tags cannot be tampered with remotely. Furthermore, NFC tags also are provided with an additional layer of encryption that keeps everything very secure. 

The Importance Of Shipment Security In Logistics 

Security is important for the logistics sector, like any other sector, as it holds both business and customer data. A shipment secured with NFC tags is less likely to be tampered with. It is because it will send automatic updates to warn the concerned person about the tampering when tampered with. As a result, not only the shipment will be finally found but also the intruder along with it. 

Also, while monitoring the supply chain, with the help of NFC tags,  one can check whether the shipment is compromised or not. Security of the shipment protects data, keeps sales up, and also helps build a brand reputation. The NFC tags mostly come with built-in security measures. It ensures that the product is not tampered with, which further ensures that the customer receives the authentic product. In a way, it contributes to the transparency of the supply chain. It helps in boosting the confidence of both the customers and the brands too. 

In the present world, where cyber attacks are increasing, it is essential to invest in modern technology like NFC tags to keep the brand reputation safe and the customers happy. Most logistic companies are already using NFC tags. It is time for the other companies to start using it to improve the efficiency in the business growth. 


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