3 Things To Check When Partnering With A Courier Service

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Your B2B business focuses on delivering goods to your clients. Perhaps you run an office supplies business, or maybe you sell parts to manufacturing companies. Whatever you do, you need to get your products from A to B. 

As a result, you may have to partner with a courier service. You require someone to transport things safely and quickly, possibly all over the country. Partnering with a delivery service is a big step, and here are three things to check before you sign any contracts: 


First and foremost, keep an eye on all the fees listed by the courier service. Are they charging a flat rate for all deliveries or do they charge extra for deliveries of a certain distance or at a certain time? Some companies also charge more to deliver specific things – like heavy or large items. 

Check all of the fees before signing on the dotted line to ensure your business can afford these rates. Remember, you need to pay enough money for a great service, yet still be able to make a profit on your products. 

Delivery Software

Next, you need to check that the company uses delivery management software. Why does this matter? Because it will let you track all of your deliveries to see where they’re going. It prevents instances where the courier might take a detour and cause you to miss delivery slots. You also avoid situations where couriers might steal products. 

Delivery software tracks packages and ensures you know where they went and how they go there. It also helps you communicate with clients if there are delays. You can see why a courier is delayed and relay that information instantly to your client. A service that doesn’t use software or give you a way of tracking shipments is not one to be trusted. 


Your clients check reviews before they choose you, so you should do the same before you pick any service providers. Look for online reviews or testimonials – but make sure they’re relevant. 

Some delivery companies offer commercial and consumer services. Consumers might rate them highly, but other businesses may find that their commercial offerings are terrible. Pay close attention to every review, particularly the negative ones. It can help you avoid a horrible situation where you partner with a courier service that’s much worse than expected.  

The easiest way to check for reviews is to search for the company online. Never trust the reviews on their website as they’re only going to show the best ones. Search for numerous sources so you can be 100% sure that you’re getting honest feedback. It’s also a good idea to use sites that help you check for fake reviews, so you avoid being duped. 

After considering these three things, you’ll be in a better position to make an informed decision. You will be able to find a reliable courier service that perfectly fits your needs and helps your company get its products to your clients. Partnering with a good courier will mean your whole service is improved as you can ship things out ASAP and avoid delays. 

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