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This Week in B2B: B2B marketer burnout; Google ad revenue shrinkage; new formats from YouTube 

Economic Stressors Are Causing Burnout in B2B Marketers

“The next biggest challenges the survey found include headcount cuts (40%), increasing growth targets (39%), and budget cuts (38%). These economic stressors are contributing to feelings of burnout with a whopping 66% of respondents definitively reporting that they are experiencing burnout. More:

How B2B Marketers are Navigating Budgets and Priorities in 2023, by Colby Cavanaugh, SVP Marketing at @integrate

Pivotree: It’s time for your data to serve you better 

Most businesses have an Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) system to manage key parts of their operations, including accounting and resource management. These systems are a big investment and, as a result, many business leaders rely on them extensively to manage all aspects of their data landscape. While that may have been an adequate approach to enterprise data management for many years, it isn’t so in today’s digital economy. Now with many key parts of an organization needing clean and accurate product, customer and location data in order to serve their end customers, they need to realize that an ERP is not equipped to do the job.

Google’s Ad Revenue Shrinkage Problem Continues 

From Marketing Dive: Google’s advertising revenue shrunk for the second consecutive quarter, reflecting a sustained slowdown on YouTube and the impact of broader macroeconomic headwinds, according to an earnings report from parent company Alphabet.

The drop in overall ad revenue was relatively small, with the firm’s total take for the first quarter coming in at $54.55 billion versus $54.66 billion during the year-ago period. But YouTube ad revenue slid approximately 3% year-over-year to $6.69 billion.

Google is betting on new areas, including short-form video and generative artificial intelligence (AI), to spur a turnaround. Those sectors have excited investors but are not as well monetized or proven with users as other aspects of the search giant’s sprawling business.

From the Washington Post; a beginner’s guide to AI 


A guide to digital marketing for electrical contractors:


YouTube Shorts reach expanding 

YouTube is expanding Shorts into its video reach campaigns.

Video reach campaigns use Google AI to improve reach by combining ad formats like skippable and non-skippable ads. With the update, advertisers can now upload a 60-second vertical video in order to reach engaged viewers.

Previously, brands could only access Shorts inventory via Video action campaigns and App Install campaigns, which the company announced in 2022 during Google Marketing Live. More:

Canadian Employers Must Prioritize Seamless Digital Experiences to Attract Top Talent, Finds Cisco AppDynamics Study – 

Research published by Cisco AppDynamics reveals the importance that job seekers and employees are attaching to digital experiences as the search for talent is intensifying in many industries. 

95 per cent of Canadians state it is important that the applications they use to find and apply for jobs provide a fast and seamless experience, without any delays or disruption. And 65 per cent claim that if these applications fail to perform, it puts them off working for the employer in question.

The importance of digital experience for retailers in the eCommerce age

Gregg Ostrowski, CTO Advisor, Cisco AppDynamics

According to a recent CBC News report on the 2023 Canada economic forecast, analysts predict Canadians will have a challenging year ahead, with inflation rates remaining high and interest rates potentially rising further. 

Despite the economic climate, online retail continues to deliver steady expansion. The Canadian eCommerce market is projected to grow by more than 10 per cent between 2023 and 2027, resulting in a market volume of US$90.14bn in 2027. Consumers are opting for digital shopping channels such as retail websites and shopping apps for their convenience, speed, and wider selection of products and services.


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