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8 Tips for Cutting Business Fuel Costs

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 03:17 pm

Every business with a fleet, no matter the size, has one significant expense in common – fuel. As global fuel prices continue to fluctuate unpredictably, managing fuel costs can be a complex task. However, there are strategies that businesses can employ to mitigate this expense. With that in mind, below, we’ll take a look at some practical tips for cutting your business fuel costs right now.

1. Optimize routes

The more efficiently your vehicles travel, the less fuel they consume. Route optimization software, like this tool that enables you to better plan garbage truck routes, uses complex algorithms to determine the most efficient routes for your fleet, considering factors like traffic, road conditions, distance, and delivery priorities. By minimizing the distance driven and avoiding congested areas, you can significantly reduce fuel consumption significantly.

2. Maintain your vehicles

Proper vehicle maintenance is crucial for fuel efficiency in any business. Regular servicing ensures your vehicles are operating at their peak performance. Replace air filters, change engine oil, and check tire pressures regularly. Under-inflated tires create more resistance, causing your vehicle to consume more fuel. Ensuring your tires are at the recommended pressure can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 3%.

3. Implement a fuel management system

A fuel management system can track fuel consumption in real-time, providing data on each vehicle’s fuel efficiency. With this information, you can identify vehicles that are consuming more fuel than they should be, allowing you to take corrective action.

4. Train your drivers

Driver behavior has a significant impact on fuel consumption. Rapid acceleration, hard braking, excessive idling, and speeding all contribute to increased fuel use. Training your drivers in fuel-efficient driving techniques can result in substantial savings. Encourage smooth acceleration, gentle braking, maintaining steady speeds, and minimizing idling.

5. Utilize fuel cards

Fuel cards can help manage and control fuel expenses. They not only simplify the tracking of fuel costs but also allow you to negotiate discounts with fuel providers. Additionally, they can provide valuable data on fuel use that can help identify trends, inefficiencies, and potential savings.

6. Use hybrid or electric vehicles

While this requires an upfront investment, hybrid or electric vehicles can significantly reduce your fuel costs in the long term. They are more fuel-efficient than traditional vehicles, and electric vehicles have the added advantage of lower maintenance costs. Government incentives can also offset the higher initial costs of these vehicles.

7. Limity vehicle weight

The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it uses. Encourage drivers to remove unnecessary items from their vehicles and ensure loads are distributed evenly. Also, you might want to  consider investing in lightweight vehicles or parts, which are designed to provide the same functionality while reducing the overall vehicle weight.

8. Plan for fuel-efficient speeds

Each vehicle has an optimum speed for fuel efficiency, usually around 50-60 mph for most vehicles. Encourage drivers to maintain this speed whenever possible and safe to do so. Reducing speed by just a few miles per hour can lead to significant fuel savings.

As you can see, cutting fuel costs for your company is totally possible, so what are you waiting for?


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