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Women Founders Surge at Collision Conference 2023

The Collision Conference, a mecca for all things tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship, is yet again making waves in Toronto this year, but this time with a promising and uplifting twist. The tech world is witnessing an unprecedented surge in women founders at the event, indicating a promising shift towards more gender equity in the industry.

The folks at Collision have been working hard at including more women at the event and their efforts are clearly working.

This year Collision is hosting a record-breaking 36,378 attendees from across 118 countries. While the diversity in geography is impressive, an even more noteworthy statistic is the rise in women-founded startups. A staggering 30 percent of the startups this year are led by women, the highest in the conference’s history. This number signifies an encouraging trend that women are increasingly taking the lead in the tech startup space and having their innovative ideas recognized on a global platform.

It’s Not The 90s Anymore

This rise in women-led startups is not just a lone statistic. A closer look at the demographic breakdown of the attendees reveals that women represent 41 percent of the total attendees. 41 percent! As someone who has been attending tech conferences since the late nineties, this is a titanic shift and has led to a vastly better conference experience. This number not only includes founders but also women in various roles across the tech ecosystem, including investors, mentors, and tech enthusiasts. This broad representation of women is a testament to the growing inclusion and diversity in the tech sector.

Moreover, women are not just attendees but are also significantly represented among the speakers. 36 percent of the speakers gracing the stages of the Collision Conference are women, sharing their expertise, insights, and inspiring stories with the audience.

Massive Startup Presence

In total, the conference is playing host to 1,727 startups and partners from 76 countries, representing almost 30 different industries. The range of industries represented is indicative of the vast applicability and impact of tech solutions across various sectors, demonstrating that innovation knows no bounds.

The Collision Conference has not only been a platform for empowering women in tech but has also been a significant contributor to the local economy. Since its in-person events started in 2019, it has injected a whopping CA$188 million into the Toronto economy. The economic impact of the conference is a testament to the power and potential of the tech industry and its ability to drive economic growth.

The Collision Conference 2023 marks a significant milestone in the journey towards gender equity in the tech world. The increasing number of women founders, attendees, and speakers reflects a brighter future where diversity, inclusion, and equal representation are not just buzzwords but an inherent part of the tech ecosystem. It’s a signal that the tech world is becoming more open, diverse, and inclusive, and women are leading the charge in this transformation.

Let’s hope that the trend seen at Collision Conference 2023 is not just a one-off event but the start of a sustained movement toward a more balanced and equitable tech world. As we celebrate the successes of women founders at this year’s conference, we also look forward to seeing more such gains in the years to come.


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Adam Tanton
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