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Protect Your Hardware: The Connection Between Infrastructure and Equipment

The effects of hardware failure, malfunction and misuse within office environments can be disastrous. Especially if there are no strategies in place to respond to potential problems. 

Whether it be from malpractice or a lack of maintenance and investment, there are so many potential causes for hardware failure. Therefore, it’s an organisation’s responsibility to plan for the worst-case events. 

Infrastructure plays a pivotal role in ensuring the longevity of office equipment. If you’re wondering how to create a sustainable environment for hardware, look no further. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind to safeguard a business from hardware disasters. 

Understand Your Equipment

Infrastructure is always relevant to the treatment of hardware. Insufficient infrastructure, such as a lack of storage space or any structural damage, can massively shorten the lifespan of any equipment. 

Once the hardware has been selected, building a suitable space requires an in-depth knowledge of its needs, including its strengths and weaknesses. Examples of structural investments in office spaces designed to enhance the performance of equipment include:

Air Conditioning

Wiring and other electrical equipment are often kept at colder temperatures to prevent overheating. Creating optimal temperatures for some of this equipment requires careful planning surrounding room size, choice of wires and building materials. 

Fire Protection

Whether in the form of sprinklers or emergency switches, any equipment that could be considered a fire hazard should be installed along with fire protection measures. People even overlook the importance of fire extinguishers. They are both potentially lifesaving and profit-saving. 

Understanding the needs of your equipment is crucial to building a workspace which runs smoothly. However, this is only the first step in ensuring the longevity of your hardware. 


Once the necessary instalments are in place, regular maintenance should be carried out to inspect for any damage and faults and reduce the likelihood of hardware failure. Neglecting maintenance will only increase the severity of any problems, most of which will only cost more to fix once they worsen. Examples of maintenance include:

  • Raised floor panel replacements: A standard fix within office buildings. Though replacing raised floor panels is quite simple, leaving any damaged panels untouched can disrupt critical components of operations like airflow and, in general, create a hazard for employees. 
  • Cleaning: This is probably the simplest form of upkeep; dust and grime build-up can clog equipment and force replacements if left long enough. The frequency of your cleaning schedule will depend on the type of equipment you use and how much you use it, but it is always a crucial part of maintenance

It’s worth keeping in mind the natural lifespan of any equipment and infrastructure installed. Some pieces of equipment simply need replacing sooner than others.

Final Thoughts

Running an office requires a close eye on both employees and the building itself. A failure in either of these areas can lead to hardware failure, and cause severe long-term consequences on day-to-day operations. 

Neither your employees nor your infrastructure should have priority over each other, time should be invested equally between these two factors to ensure the workplace runs as smoothly as possible. 


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