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7 Great Apps To Make Your Workplace a Healthier Environment

Professionals face near-constant stressors, proving emotionally and physically demanding after long shifts and emotional pressure. Workplace health has transformed with the emergence of new consumer apps. These wellness products have a wealth of information and value to offer the workforce, from reducing stress to encouraging more physical activity. Below we’ll review some of the most reputable and impactful software to help make a healthy workplace and keep employees and coworkers happier and healthier.

Stress Relief and Burnout Prevention

Unfortunately, some workplaces have earned a reputation for stigmatizing or discouraging discussions surrounding health-related topics. Around 58% of employees feel discomfort talking about mental health at work.

As more employers encourage employees to take charge of their wellness, individuals are more likely to feel like their jobs are a safe space beyond health insurance and human resources. The following software can help transform your workplace into a healthy workplace.


Many software solutions offer therapy, but few perform like Starling. The app aims to manage employees’ depression and anxiety alongside energy levels and stress. Its Return-to-Health feature is a unique stress management opportunity if workers return to the workplace after an extended leave. 

Entrepreneurs and business owners also try Oliva Health as a supplement recommendation for therapy courses and coaching mental fitness.


One of the world’s leading meditation apps, Calm has an enterprise package for helping employees take a moment to rest. The app offers sleep stories and guided breathing exercises to manage emotional stability and daunting tasks gracefully. Giving your employees the ability to “take a breath” will help foster a healthy workplace.

A similar meditation app is Headspace, which includes healthcare materials and immediate customer support for employers.


Burnout is a growing concern, and Kona’s well of health data informs users how to cope in real-time. Users track their sentiments with their red-amber-green system. The software uses the data to send alerts and curate suggestions for emotional management.

Another burnout app leveraging data and machine learning is Burnalong. It complements Kona with live courses on mental health and burnout topics.

Physical Health Management

A case study in a U.S. manufacturing plant explored the efficacy of workplace fitness and health programs a year after installation. Despite employers investing in trending wellness software and assets, a solid conclusion needs to be evident. 

For one group in a report, fitness contests using health software proved successful. There was less absenteeism and a 53% reduction in reported injuries — saving companies in workers’ compensation claims. 

The following software could help contribute to similar gains in your workplace.


LifeWorks is an ever-expanding employee assistance program (EAP) software. Every health and fitness integration employees want is available, including wearable tech compatibility and around-the-clock counseling. It is one of the few apps with drug screening information, so employees see results and read reports. The more employees contribute, the better it gives personalized tips.

Ulliance is another consideration for an EAP-based software with extended resources for maintaining relationships and staying on track with goals.


Health risk assessments are an important preventive health care measure, and Sprout prioritizes them. It is a health information database that incentivizes users with rewards to delve deeper. 

There is a community aspect to help employees obtain social connections in their learning goals. One day they learn about preventing airborne bacteria, and another day they understand the impact of chronic conditions for remote desk workers.


MoveSpring is the most physical activity-focused software listed. Its central feature is the user’s “Journey.” It treats movement and fitness like an adventure to make the process enjoyable. Coworkers can team up to overcome challenges, set goals and even raise money for charitable causes.


The difference between Vitality and other apps is its weekly plan as a health and weight monitor. The app suggests health aspirations based on how much data the person inputs. It focuses on positive reinforcement with words of encouragement and occasional gift cards.

Extended Recommendations

The number of workplace health software options incites optimism, yet each presents niche services. Some encourage better values and workplace culture, while others support multicultural environments, such as:

  • Limeade: Includes personalized, relevant wellness assistance in its Inclusion+ feature with targeted messaging for diverse workplace populations
  • VantageFit: Provides wellness and health challenges for lifestyle changes and productivity
  • Woliba: Has fitness and health engagement with gamification and recognition
  • Headversity: Offers a preventive assistance platform with at-work training tools
  • Wellness 360: Gives employees health tracking and monitoring with screenings and health risk assessments

Getting the Most from Workplace Wellness Software

Workplace wellness software is only beneficial if it suits the staff’s needs. Evaluate and interview employees to gauge how they would best utilize resources so they get the most out of the investment. 

With the right preparation and decision-making, your efforts could lead to higher morale and a healthier workplace environment for all.

Jane Marsh works as an environmental writer, covering topics such as sustainability and green living. She is also the founder of


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