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The Most Annoying Things About Running A Business Alone

Do you run your business alone? Then there’s a strong chance you get frustrated with it on a daily basis. After all, it’s not just customers who can get annoyed by a business’ service. In fact, it’s more likely that a business owner knows exactly what’s going wrong within the workplace, but has no idea or resources to get started on improvements. 

This only feeds into the frustration, and before you know it, you’re jacking it all in and moving onto something less challenging. However, these problems are likely to crop up again and again if you don’t have an idea of what makes running a business super annoying! 

So let’s get into the details. When you know how to spot potentially annoying tasks from the beginning, you can smooth them down by being proactive. That’s why we’ve also included some tips that could help. 

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Some People Just Won’t Believe in Your Idea

You’re super excited about a new solo business idea. You want to get to work on it as soon as you can! However, the more you tell people about what you’re planning, the more doubt gets tipped onto the page. Some people may not think it’s a good idea, some people may think it’d be stupid to give up your current job, and some may not understand what you’re talking about at all!

But as long as you know what you’re talking about, and you’ve carefully weighed up the pros and cons, you’ll be in good standing. You can listen to those who have your best interests at heart, like your partner or your best friend, but drown out the noise from those who don’t really know you. You know what you’re doing, and you can cut down on operating annoyance by simply believing in your own idea from the beginning. 

Advice Will Come From All Directions

Surely this couldn’t become annoying, right? Getting advice from people who have been in the same position and have made a success of things – it’s great to hear about their experiences, isn’t it? Well, it’s all in the way they tell it. 

Tone is very important in the small business world. You may constantly be concerned about coming off as inexperienced or condescending when talking to your fellow business owners. You don’t want to make a terrible first impression on potential contacts, especially when you’ve been specifically invited to attend an amazing conference. 

However, not everyone you meet is going to share this sentiment! As someone on the up and coming, it won’t be unusual to run into people who think you need their help. They may pitch left right and center to you, and even make comments that feel judgmental. 

Not to mention just how many people are going to think they know your business better than yours. While it’s important to note that some will have skills you don’t possess, and following their advice could make a beneficial difference, the majority will still be unsolicited advice. 

Remember, unless you’ve asked for it, you don’t have to take anyone’s advice on board! 

Having to Grow Slowly

This is quite possibly the most frustrating thing as a small business owner. You want to get bigger and better, and make dramatic moves that’ll take your company to the next level. Yet, if you dive into these decisions too soon, things can go wrong in an instant. You could take on too much debt, or you could simply underdeliver to your new customers and lose all the good will you’ve worked so hard to build. Both are equally disastrous! 

If you move slowly and carefully, you’re less likely to run into risks. You’ll still have to make difficult decisions every now and then, but you won’t be crashing into them headfirst and coming away with the worst injuries. You’ll have a clear head and be able to make informed decisions the first time round. 

So, always read the fine print carefully and don’t be afraid to take your time. FOMO affects the business world as well, but what we see on sites like LinkedIn is rarely representative of what’s going on in real life. 

Making and Tracking Invoices

Handling cash flow can be very difficult if it’s something you’ve never had to do before. For anyone running a business entirely on their own, it’s likely you don’t look forward to making, sending, and tracking invoices – especially when it comes to tax season. 

After all, it can be difficult to get a customer to respond; for most business owners, that’s the main problem with the whole process. However, there are other challenges to be aware of. For example, keeping records of your invoices and when they’re sent out, and then when they’ve been paid. Up to date records are a necessity in modern business but they do take a while to file away! 

So why not put some automation into the ordeal? If you’re in trades, use an hvac invoicing software to take the pain out of generating new invoices. You can find similar software for any industry – these softwares tend to have their own data banks, so you can easily access and track payment history as and when you need to. 

It’s Easy to Lose Your Social Life

Work/life balance – never heard of it! That’s what it might come to feel like very soon if you don’t keep an eye on how much time you’re spending at work. You’ve got a lot to get on with, and you’re at a crucial moment where you need to establish yourself in a variety of areas. It makes sense that you’ve canceled dinner with friends once or twice. 

Make sure this doesn’t turn into a chronic problem, however. The more you take a step back from your personal, social life, the less you’re going to have to come home to. It’s a good thing to have a successful, profit-making business, but this should never come at the cost of everything else in your life. 

Take some time to get this balance right. Keep your calendar in view, take time off when your friends and family are calling, and start getting some early nights. It’s better to rise early to get something done, instead of putting sleep off and trying to stay productive until 3 am. 

You’ll Have a Lot to Learn!

We noted above that you don’t have to listen to advice when it comes from an unsolicited source, and that’s still true. However, don’t count out all advice, tips, and tricks. Some could be very good for you – in fact, we’d bank on it! 

When you want to know something, ask, and be receptive about the answer. Even when it’s not something you want to hear, the more you learn now, the easier of a time you’ll have two to three years in. 

Being an active listener is just as important as being the one who does the talking. The more you take someone’s experience on board, the better your connection. 

Remember, You’re in for a Challenge – But it’s a Good One!

Running a business without any outside help is difficult. No matter your level of entrepreneurship, you’re going to struggle at some point throughout the journey. 

But the more you know about these annoying tasks right now, the easier finding a solution will be. From managing your cash flow and billing customers to forging connections in the right places, take a deep breath and remember: you’ve got this! 


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