APTUM CLOUD IMPACT STUDY PART 4: Navigating the Modernization Minefield

As we emerge from the pandemic, business leaders are shifting priorities away from business continuity towards business recovery. Cloud has been instrumental in steering business through the process of recovery and organizations are examining the new reality and adapting their operating models accordingly. With this in mind, the fourth and final part of Aptum’s 2021 […]

Part 2: Saving Lives, Saving Money: A New Perspective on ODSP

By P. Robinson Click here to see part one of our ODSP-reform series Ontario has the opportunity to realize significant long-term savings in healthcare funding, improve health and health equity, reduce bureaucracy, and advance Reconciliation – all through the Ontario Disability Support Payment (ODSP).  By investing directly in Ontarians, a more productive, economically sound, and […]

Three Ways to Remove Friction from Your Ecommerce Experience

By Mike Leibovitz Now that we’re well into the recovery phase of the pandemic, it’s worth stepping back and looking at what impact this period of turbulence has had on organizations that rapidly scaled their B2B ecommerce operations. The explosion in ecommerce innovation and access to new delivery offerings means it’s never been easier for […]

Brands Can Deliver Next-Generation Experiences Through Actionable Feedback – Here’s How

By Marc LeCuyer, Vice President & General Manager, Canada, ServiceNow Innovation and investment in customer experience (CX) have seen exponential growth as we’ve entered our new world of work (and rightfully so). As enterprises digitize their business and customers raise their expectations, demanding increasingly personalized, instantaneous and proactive interactions from brands – new strategies and […]

Why It’s Critical to Support LGBTQ+ Businesses All Year, Not Just During Pride Month

A guest column by Matthew Celestial Queer entrepreneurs stress the challenges of preserving customer and brand loyalty beyond Pride Month. As businesses recover from the pandemic’s socioeconomic impacts, there is an increasing need for LGBTQ+ visibility and a commitment to year-round support. With this month’s LGBTQ+ pride well underway, the symbolic rainbows drape businesses and […]

Is Your Organization Migrating to the Cloud? Here’s How to Prepare

By: Rebecca Leach Over the last year, enterprises pushed through digital transformation at three times the speed of pre-pandemic levels to meet rapidly changing business priorities. Given the rise of remote work and ecommerce, it’s no surprise a digital economy has become so prevalent today. As brands implement even more digital technologies throughout their business, […]

BOOK EXCERPT: The Problem with Operational Marketing Leadership

Book Excerpt from “The Next CMO – A Guide to Operational Marketing Excellence” by Peter Mahoney, Scott Todaro and Dan Faulkner CHAPTER 1 The Problem with Operational Marketing Leadership Warning: There is some tough love in this chapter. It is widely understood that CMOs suffer some of the highest turnover rates in the C-suite. How […]