Why your B2B sales recruitment tactics needs to stand out from the pack [Part 1]

Tech companies are snapping up B2B sales professionals, which has created a demand that’s just not being met. In turn, these companies aren’t meeting their potential for growth. According to a recent report in The Business Journals, technical sales and sales management positions have always been hard to fill. With the enterprise tech market heating […]

Report: 70% of B2B marketers responsible for generating revenues

A majority of B2B marketers are now responsible for driving revenues, but marketing-generated leads account for most sales rejections, says a new study by 6sense, a predictive intelligence firm for B2B marketing and sales. The reported, entitled “2015 Survey of B2B Marketers“, looked at 321 B2B marketing professionals in the U.S. with director-level or higher […]

TractionSF Conference: Revenue growth tips for B2B companies

All companies are starved for growth. Startups. Public companies. B2B companies. That’s the hypothesis of Morgan Brown, co-author of Startup Growth Engines, a book of case studies on how successful startups unlock growth without traditional marketing. At the recent Traction Conference in San Francisco, Brown and many other speakers gathered to evangelize growth hacking and […]

Video: 3 types of buyers and how getting them right will change your life

Applying the right sales strategy with the right buyer is key—and the first step is knowing (really knowing) our buyers. In this video, I explain a four-step process to ranking prospects and getting the sale. I provide a simple breakdown of three kinds of buyers, shares the strategy and selling message for each category, and end the video by […]

Infographic: B2B e-commerce sales to reach $1.1 trillion by 2020

This staggering stat should encourage  B2B firms with an e-commerce strategy. The infographic with the figure of B2B e-commerce revenue reaching $1.1 trillion US by 2020 comes courtesy research firm Sullivan, but they also included some other key findings. In a survey, 94 percent of B2B buyers wanted to know where and how to make an immediate […]