The importance of the greater data centric shift by B2B organizations as we produce data at a big pace

How political marketers can build first-party datasets at the local and federal level

After 2016 and Cambridge Analytica, data has a strange role in politics: necessary, but kinda dirty. Substantial changes to social media platforms’ data policies have occurred and continue to occur. Canada’s Bill C-76 has some of the most stringent disclosure requirements on digital advertising anywhere, including requiring disclosure on organic social posts. Third-Party Data Some […]

Email list validation and data enrichment as an essential step of a successful lead hunt strategy

Email is one of the most effective channels with statistics showing that 86% of business professionals prefer to use it when communicating for business purposes. Email delivers the highest ROI because the result is ten-fold compared to other channels. Thus, it’s not surprising that businesses today are investing in email lead generation. They believe that […]