NetApp EVP offers an inside look at how a sales shift contributed to the storage firm’s turnaround

For Henri Richard, starting his job at NetApp during the enterprise storage technology firm’s annual sales kickoff was something of a double-edged sword. “It was my first exposure to the company, and on the one hand, it gave me a really good feel for the organization at large,” he told B2B News Network in a […]

Apple enterprise IT

Why Apple is making a bigger effort to meet enterprise IT expectations

It probably won’t be among the themes of its annual developers’ conference or mentioned at the next iPhone launch, but 2018 could be the year Apple technologies become an even larger presence in enterprise environments. Last Fall, Apple quietly began forming close relationships with IT services firms and resellers who could bring not only its […]


How PwC fosters creative problem-solving in its growing number of Digital Experience Centres

PwC will be spending the next several months continuing to open a series of Digital Experience Centres in the U.S. and the U.K. that bring together interdisciplinary groups of experts to solve corporate challenges using virtual reality, the Internet of Things and more. The consulting firm officially opened its Toronto Digital Experience Centre on Tuesday, […]


What a Broadcom-Qualcomm merger could mean for the enterprise

The proposed acquisition of Qualcomm by rival Broadcom for $130 billion may not just be a way to own the 5G wireless market — it could also create a formidable player in the enterprise networking space to ensure mobile applications meet performance expectations. Broadcom on Monday confirmed early reports from Reuters and others that it […]

managed security services

How B2B Companies Outsource Managed Security Services

As security staff gets increasingly overwhelmed preparing for compliance audits and managing security incidents, B2B companies have started to ask about outsourcing managed security services. A recent report from analyst firm IDC found that Canadian organizations will become more reliant on third-party SaaS and managed security services by 2019. And Canadian chief information security officers (CISOs) will […]

Our Man at Martech 2016: Archived tweets from Derek Handova’s conference coverage

Martech USA is running from March 21 to 23 in San Francisco. Our correspondent Derek Handova is there. In case you missed his live tweets from today’s sessions with John Hardy of Disney and Theresa Regli of Real Story Group @B2Bnewnetwork, here they are collected in chronological order. John Hardy, Director of Marketing Sourcing, The Walt […]

1 in 4 execs say Internet of Things is already delivering results

TEKsystems, an IT staffing company, found close to one in four organizations (22 percent) have reached the stage where IoT initiatives “are having a substantial impact” on their businesses. The survey also found “the majority of organizations (55 percent) expect IoT initiatives to have a high level of impact on their business over the next five […]

Smart devices can now order their own supplies direct from Amazon

Amazon has officially announced the launch of the first smart devices compatible with its Dash Replenishment service. It lets devices automatically reorder their consumables as they run low so the user doesn’t need to do it themselves. The first products to support the system are a range of Brother printers. The compatible smart printers promise […]

Microsoft brings augmented reality to your video conferencing

Your video conferencing may soon get a lot more virtual: Microsoft showed off a beta version of a video-call technology using augmented reality, allowing you to “see” a projection of individuals in your meeting. The innovation projects a person into a room hologram-style, so that they seem to be sitting in a chair across from the person […]

B2B News Network’s 2015 B2B Influencer Index

2015 was a huge year for B2B. Companies like Dell doubled down on the enterprise, Facebook starts making moves into the workplace, and structure was in shift everywhere, from unicorns like Sprinklr starting to play a dominant role in B2B social, HP splitting in half, and Dell/VMware coming together. With software firmly transitioning to SaaS and […]

10 ways robotics is transforming the healthcare industry

Robots are becoming more mainstream, especially in the healthcare industry. From helping the elderly to assisting with dental care, robotics is fast becoming a hot trend affecting millions. Here are 10 things you should know about robotics and healthcare. 1. Hospitals In The San Francisco Bay Area Using Robots Called Tugs  ‘Tugs’ do various tasks […]

The ultimate primer on B2B livestreaming

Thanks to today’s pervasive and fast wireless data connections, powerful smartphones, and high-end smartphone cameras,  streaming video becoming a popular means of communication. The B2B space can empower their marketing campaigns by taking advantage of various live-streaming platforms, but it has to be approached with strategic forethought. The latest services usually begin in the consumer […]

Infographic: App downloads, engagement peak in January

A new infographic reveals an interesting stat for any B2B firm trying to boost the visibility of its mobile apps: In January, app downloads and engagement peak at the highest rate, compared to any other month. New data from AdMob by Google found that January is the “Black Friday” for app monetization. Between October 2014 and January […]