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How to Execute Effective and Robust Social Media Campaigns

The days of bypassing social media marketing have long passed. Today there isn’t a business, organization, government agency or a corporation that doesn’t have a presence on a social media channel. Unlike the traditional ways of marketing social media forces a dialogue, or a two-way communication to transpire. Marketers take social media networking seriously. Therefore […]

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4 social media mistakes every B2B marketer must avoid

Although many B2B companies are embracing social media as a communications and marketing tool, many are still falling victim to a number of oversights and missed opportunities. Here are four common missteps to avoid when executing your B2B social media strategy. 1) Not speaking like a human being Although maintaining professionalism is crucial for B2B businesses, […]

Marketing Pro-Tip: How you can retarget with success

Retargeting with Google can be a powerful marketing tool. A new study from Marin Software looked at the challenges marketers face in Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, and came up with some actionable advice. The study gathered 223 enterprise marketers and inquired about their retargeting practices and techniques. To be clear, marketing retargeting is when you […]