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New column: Hashtag Team tracks top B2B trends

Last updated on February 26th, 2015 at 04:15 pm

B2B News Network is proud to introduce a new weekly column featuring the top trending topics in B2B, from around the world. Hashtag Team will compile each week on Wednesdays a list of the top tweets, topics and trends that created buzz in the B2B world, from marketing and advertising to social media, innovation, conferences and more. We’ll share Slideshare presentations, infographics, videos, podcasts and any other media winning attention in the B2B industry.

Teaming up with me on Hashtag Team will be my fellow B2BNN contributor, Brett Wilkins. We will alternate each week, ensuring you get the all the B2B buzz on a regular basis.

Note: All data was sifted and sorted via Nexalogy, a B2BNN technology partner


Social Media Tips

With over 80 retweets in just a few days, this post from Hootsuite was one of the most shared B2B articles on Twitter this past week. Although they recognize the fact that there are inherent differences between marketing in the B2B and B2C spaces, Hootsuite points out that the basic approach for both on social media can be quite similar. Engaging with customers, promoting content, showcasing partners and driving website traffic are all discussed here as tips for B2B firms using social media.

Marketing Growth in 2015

 Venture Beat offers these 5 tips for developing high-performing B2B marketing based on your company’s unique business needs. Key points include making the most of technology, aligning buyer/customer journeys, optimizing the measurement of campaigns and enabling marketing across all departments. Along with the 20+ retweets above, this article was shared via Twitter over 300 times this week.


Podcasts are an easy way to consume media while multitasking, and podcasting has impacted B2B in a major way, as we reported earlier. This insightful podcast from Avinash Kaushik (Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist) and author Maureen Blandford covers the need for data, analytics and research in B2B marketing. Speaking of podcasts… could they be an “underused storytelling technique” for B2B businesses? We are naturally drawn to strong narratives and compelling stories, and the recent success of Serial proves there is mainstream potential in podcasts. This article from B2B Marketing covers the pros and cons of using this audio-only medium in contrast to social media, video, whitepapers and other channels of communication.

Big Data

Confused on how you can incorporate “big data” into your B2B marketing strategy? You’re not alone! A study cited in this article says that 52 percent of marketing professionals have a serious lack of understanding on the subject. Author and keynote speaker Bernard Marr covers three key abilities that marketers need in order to use big data effectively and a few platforms and services that can help you do it.

Content Marketing

This SlideShare presentation from Uberflip examines the rise of content marketing, a trend which has a “focus on generating results beyond the one-time transaction by creating lasting relationships.” Different customers are on different journeys when it comes to your business and content can help reach each one, pulling them into your world in creative, meaningful ways. This presentation was tweeted over 100 times, but found the most success on LinkedIn, where it was shared over 700 times.


Infographic: How B2B businesses are tackling social media in 2015



Top B2B Marketing Channels and Tactics in 2014


Be sure to check back next week for our next Hashtag Team column, written by Brett Wilkins


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Sarah Dawley
Sarah Dawley
Sarah is an Ecosystem Copywriter at Hootsuite, where she writes a variety of materials about social media and its impact on business. Prior to joining Hootsuite, she was the Social Marketing Manager for the Music & Entertainment Channels at Bell Media, where she spent nearly four years building the presence of Much, MTV Canada, M3 and E! Canada into social communities of over 2.8 million fans and followers. Find her on Twitter @sarahdawley


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