B2B Trending Conversations: Network, data & cloud security

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Welcome to the latest edition of B2B Trending Conversations, wherein we bring you a weekly roundup of what’s trending on social media in the B2B space. This week we’re focusing on network, data and cloud security. In the wake of growing awareness of online threats from a dizzying array of domestic and international actors, B2B executives have stepped up their security game. Industry experts share essential skills for data security pros, successful IT security habits, the “dirty dozen” leading cloud computing threats and more in this week’s column.

Effective IT security habits

Activo Canada shares this article revealing secrets to staying secure that IT pros at successful companies know and practice. IT security expert Roger A. Grimes says the best companies focus on the right threats, ceaselessly update their IT inventory removing what they don’t need to reduce risk and always run the latest versions of hardware and software. They also patch all critical vulnerabilities as quickly as possible, keep their configurations current and constantly educate and train users and security staff.

Essential skills for data security pros

IOT guru Bill McCabe published this LinkedIn post detailing the three most essential skills for any data security professional: general security, compliance and governance. Security specialists will command higher salaries in the face of growing threats, with an average salary range of $100-$200K and an expected 5-7 percent raise this year. The race to ensure compliance, especially among IOT pros, will keep data security specialists very busy in the coming year. Solidifying governance policies is also key to optimal data security.

Cloud computing threats

Security concerns abound in the cloud. But which perils and pitfalls directly related to the shared, on-demand nature of cloud computing keep industry experts up at night the most? Hewlett Packard Enterprise ranks its “treacherous 12” top could computing threats of the year and unsurprisingly, data breaches top the danger list. Weak access management, insecure APIs and system vulnerabilities round out the leading threats. Account hijackings, malicious insiders and data loss also plague cloud computing.

Infographic — customer trust

Symantec has extensively studied the psychology of trust on websites and has published this infographic revealing that fully a quarter of people don’t trust any organization with their personal information online. Insurance companies, supermarkets, retailers and banks top the list of the least trusted types of businesses, with 43 percent of people worried about general security issues when shopping online. Customers worry that their payment or identity details will be stolen, and that their orders will not be delivered. Nearly eight in 10 people say they are more confident online when they see a padlock icon in a URL address, and 80 percent of Internet users will avoid a website if they are greeted by a security warning.

Infographic — Security challenges of BYOD

What are the biggest pain points in mobile security, especially in companies with bring-your-own-device policies? Raconteur shares this infographic detailing how employer mobile security management handles the challenges of the BYOD workplace. Managers list protection, integration and visibility as their biggest pain points, while major security concerns involve data leakage and loss, unauthorized access to company data and systems, unsafe downloads, malware and lost or stolen devices. Data encryption, password management and secure web browsing top the list of essential mobile security features.

That’s all for this week’s column. We’ll be back again next week with another edition of B2B Trending Conversations. Until then, you can check out last week’s column on HR tech here, and as always, keep those pitches and that great B2B content coming our way via @b2bnewsnetwork

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