Sunday, May 26, 2024

Top 3 at 3: Today’s Hot Topics


Elon Musk

His reach never seems to exceed his grasp. His latest plans for Mars force us all to look beyond the petty disagreements even our greatest leaders are having, over things like hand size and beauty contestants, to some of the fundamental human challenges. What is our future, and where will we live it? That it’s a businessman and not a philosopher or politician forcing these discussions about fundamental changes in our society, is breathtaking to watch. What does it say about the role of the public sector in our lives?

source: gawker-media


The first pager came out 18 years ago and today the end is near, it was announced, for the handset that changed communication. Make no mistake, it was making email portable that truly kicked off the mobile generation, and while Apple grabbed the crown, Blackberry did the heavy lifting. Will the company make a go of it focused on the soft stuff? Security and messaging are both big growth areas, so we’re not counting them out yet.

google glasses

The VR/HR Divide

We’re always attracted to shiny things, and the amount of energy being poured into AR and VR is incredible. At the same time, a lot of organizations, Canadian public sector and chief statistician included, are struggling with the basics. Is technical debt too great? How do organizations invest in what’s coming while existing systems performing critical functions, like HR, are falling behind or no longer do the job?


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