J9 Technologies: Accelerators®

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We all know technology is advancing and changing at warp speed. And, we all know how much businesses have come to rely on it.  Applications are becoming more and more critical to business success and survival.  In the world of IT Operations Management, infrastructure and applications need to be available and running at optimal performance. 


Monitoring applications can be a complicated business. J9 Technologies simplifies how business applications were being monitored, and developed an innovative ITOM intelligence solution called Accelerators®.
Accelerators enable all the best-of-breed tools to co-exist harmoniously, to see the whole picture at once. Siloed views of applications are disposed of, so companies can get meaningful data, diagnose incidents faster, and enable businesses to spend more time creating value.

Accelerators provide an integration layer so that there is a consolidated, personalized health view of disparate application performance tools, in a single pane of glass.

You can read more about J9 Technologies, or download their Accelerators Data Sheet

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