J9 Technologies: Clay Roach, Founder

clay roach
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J9 Technologies was founded in 2004 by Clay Roach, who previously led the performance consulting practice for Mercury Interactive as a part of the Diagnostics R&D group. Clay led a practice that was instrumental in helping Mercury customers to quickly identify and resolve critical J2EE and .NET performance issues as well as creating methodologies that focused on gaining long-term value out of the HP/Mercury tools, including BSM/BAC and Performance Center/LoadRunner.

Clay has been fighting production outages, performance issues and 9-1-1’s for over a decade since, and now spends his time advising Fortune 50 clients on how to streamline incident management and operations in order to prevent those problems from recurring. At one point or another, he’s been a developer, architect, consultant, manager, advisor, pre-sales engineer, head of sales, troubleshooter, or author. He says he now manages the best team of consultants on the planet and has developed software to help integrate the 100’s of tools his customers are using.

For more information, check out these links on J9 Technologies, and the Accelerators product they built.

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