Enterprise Spotlight: J9 Technologies

j9 technologies
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Business Service Management (BSM) and Application Performance Management (APM) focus on the methods and processes of software tools, and the monitoring of the performance and availability of those applications.  These management systems help IT departments forecast how an organization’s technology will affect the business side, and give business value to IT metrics.

Our new Enterprise Spotlight begins with a focus on J9 Technologies, a New York-based tech company and global leader in the IT Operations Management (ITOM) sector.

J9 Technologies was founded in 2004 by Clay Roach, who previously led the performance consulting practice for Mercury Interactive as a part of the Diagnostics R&D group. 

J9 specializes in BSM and APM, bringing together proven methodologies and best-of-breed solutions from multiple vendors. They focus on application diagnostics, composite application management, and business transaction management to ensure that customers can quickly identify and resolve the root cause of issues.

There are many BSM and APM tools out there, provided by many of our favourite tech brands. HP’s BSM solution integrates network, server, applications and business transactions. Aternity monitors devices and end user experience. Other monitoring tools may be provided by Splunk, Dynatrace, and AppDynamics.

Would it surprise you to know that they don’t easily integrate with each other? Or at all? Of course not. This is the problem that J9 identified. Monitoring tools are siloed, so when something goes wrong, they don’t show a business everything at once. Performance, profitability and perception are threatened. J9 brings it all together, so IT departments can show the business side one complete picture.

“J9 Technologies enables organizations to gain the ability of achieving a holistic, end-to-end view of application performance and availability,” says Clay.  “By taking information from disparate monitoring tools on multiple screens, and bringing it down to a single pane of glass, organizations are experiencing radically lower Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR), reduced administrative burden and increased up-time.”

For more information about J9 and what they do, visit: j9tech.com

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