Visual Marketing on a Shoestring: Top 10 Free Photo Resources

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Visual elements are an important, some say crucial component of marketing content. Those elements, especially photography, can sometimes be expensive.  You can save a little, by not purchasing photos. But where do you go?

I personally like to stay away from the usual business photography, instead choosing vibrant images to reflect the story that they go with. A picture tells 1,000 words. These are my Top 10 “go to” websites, when our own staff photo library doesn’t have the perfect image. (Yes, we take pictures too.)

These sites are currently free of copyright restrictions, and fall under CC0 1.0 Creative Commons Public Domain, so you can copy and distribute even for commercial purposes, without obtaining permission, and without attribution.

Content need never be visually boring (or expensive) again!



2. Gratisography



3. Jay Mantri



4. Negative Space



5. New Old Stock

new old stock


6. Pexels

kris schulze


7. Picography



8. Pixabay



9. Public Domain Archive

public domain archive



stock snap

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