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App of the Month: Atomic AI

Content Marketers Get a Boost with Artificial Intelligence

Are you sometimes left struggling to find that one word just out of reach, which explains exactly what you’re thinking? Do you ever wonder if the content you produce is actually readable for your intended audience? Do you spend too much time proofreading once your content piece is done?

Toronto-based technology company Atomic Reach is changing the writing game with its new software product, Atomic AI. The platform is breathing new life into content marketing, debunking long standing fears that real artificial intelligence advancements will lead to the industry’s death.

“Research from Gleanster confirms that 25 cents of every dollar spent on content marketing is wasted on content that doesn’t perform,” said Bradley Silver, founder of Atomic Reach. “At the same time, we discovered that the top indicator of content performance is readability. Atomic AI enables anyone publishing digital content to pinpoint the readability level of their audience and guides them to write content specifically for that audience. When you match your content readability level with your target audience you see significant increases in overall engagement.”


Content Performance Maximized by AI and Machine Learning

A segmentation engine breaks the reading audience into five categories–general, knowledge, specialist, academic and genius–and identifies which audience category is most engaged in a marketer’s content. The writing and editing platform then offers real-time, insights-based feedback on how to structure content to suit the target audience while an automated scheduler places posts at the optimal time to reach them. Atomic AI also identifies and helps address the writer bias that can be hard to shake off when crafting brand messages.[1]

atomic ai


Using insights gained from analyzing over two million pieces of writing that are vetted across the platform every day, coupled with client-specific content, Atomic AI does everything from examining whether language is too sophisticated for a particular audience, to scheduling social media posts at the optimal time to support maximum visibility.


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3 Useful Atomic AI Features

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support your efforts in developing an adaptive plan.
  2. Real-time Feedback that enables you to solve any problems without delay like sending a time-sensitive email responding to a customer’s complaints.
  3. Measures for emotion and synonyms that can amplify or lessen the emotional impact of your copy to help you hit that balance between effective and resonating content.

3 Reasons Atomic AI Was Created

  1. To emphasize the importance of writing to your audience’s readability level.
  2. To match the industry’s need for real-time feedback.
  3. The focus of an organization’s content strategy wasn’t necessarily based on their blog or news articles.[2]


Atomic AI is now available to enterprises of varying sizes, and can be accessed via a mobile app, Google add-on, WordPress plugin and extensions for Google Chrome, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


To learn more or to request a demo, visit


[1] Atomic Reach Company Backgrounder (Toronto:2017).

[2] Amanda Chiu, “How Atomic AI Edits All of Your Content in Real Time” (January 17, 2017).


Feature image source: The Odyssey Online


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